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Eurovox help - please!

Discussion in 'Digital TV - United States & Canada' started by burnsey79, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. burnsey79

    burnsey79 Member

    Apr 16, 2007
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    Hi all,

    I purchased a Eurovox Max (2007) a few weeks ago. I followed the instructions, ran a full power scan and it picked up 309 TV channels (although that obviously included a number of test and duplicate channels).

    A few days ago, I noticed some of the channels had swapped themselves about and a few had gone missing. Foolishly (I now wish I hadn't done this) I deleted all the channels. I also think I may have done this oncorrectly - I went through the clear data option, and then "all channels", rather than through channel manager.

    I'm sure that when I did the original power scan (I could be wrong with this though) it searched all of the 770 frequencies (1 of 770, 2 of 770 etc...) Now, it does this until it finds the first channel, and then leaps in steps of 6, which seems the lowest setting possible, therefore missing lots of freqencies??

    When I finished the new power-scan, it picks up next to no channels. I seem to remember that when I ran the scan originally, it picked up 32 channels, which when sorted, equated to the 309 channels. Now it picks up about 12 (mainly due to only checking in multiples of 6) which then only finds about 75 channels.

    Is there a way to check all 770 again? Or have I cocked something up by deleting the channels on the wrong way?

    I also notice Virgin Media have started to require you to press the red button and then enter your pin to access the movie channels. Before, this only applied to Sky Movies 9, but it now seems to be all of them - I assume there is no way around this?

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance
  2. moorey

    moorey Member

    May 13, 2004
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    Don't forget to re-scan for the new Movie channels
    Weds 03 April 07

    Most of the channels have been updated already. The ones that start later may still show old EPG info e.g. Sky Movies 1 etc. Wait until these come on air later to do another scan of those frequencies.

    EPG Channel name and transmission hours

    Sky Movies 1 = Sky Movies Comedy
    Sky Movies 2 = Sky Movies Action / Thriller
    Sky Movies 3 = Sky Movies Family
    Sky Movies 4 = Sky Movies Sci Fi / Horror
    Sky Movies 5 = Sky Movies Classics
    Sky Movies 6 = Sky Movies Indie
    Sky Movies 7 = Sky Movies Modern Greats
    Sky Movies 8 = Sky Movies Drama
    Sky Cinema 1 = Sky Movies Premier
    Sky Cinema 2 = Sky Movies Premier +1

    SM9 Gone for all Sky and VM customers
    SM10 Gone for all Sky and VM customers
    Sky Cinema 1 Gone for all Sky and VM customers
    Sky Cinema 2 Gone for all Sky and VM customers

    Sky Movies Premiere 16.00 to 02.00 (10 hours)
    Sky Movies Premiere+1 17.00 to 03.00 (10 hours)
    Sky Movies Comedy (24 hours)
    Sky Movies Action/Thriller (24 hours)
    Sky Movies Family (24 hours)
    Sky Movies Drama (24 hours)
    Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror â 16.00 to 04.00 (12 hours)
    Sky Movies Classics (24 hours)
    Sky Movies Modern Greats (24 hours)
    Sky Movies Indie 16.00 to 04.00 (12 hours)
    Sky Movies HD1 11.00 to 03.00 (16 hours)
    Sky Movies HD2 11.00 to 03.00 (16 hours)

    Edit: Thurs 04 April 07

    On "VM" they have had another shuffle about of some of the film & sport & general channels today. Pesky little bleeders.

    Channels affected were;

    Sky Modern
    Sky Comedy
    Sky Action
    Sky Premiere +1

    Also affected were;

    Eurosport 1
    Sky Sports 3
    Sky Sports X
    Playhouse Disney

    If you do a rescan, these channels will [should] appear as "new" channels appended to the end of your channel listings. You will have to move them to your current channel positions.
    You will find the unencrypted movie channels on one of the TVCH channels.
    If you have a TV guide to hand you will be able to work out the SKY Movie channels.

    You can then go to the MENU on your remote control
    Choose channel manager under CHANNELS

    Put in 0000 in requested box

    Choose BLUE button – EDIT


    Type in which SKY MOVIE channel you found and SAVE

    Select MENU again

    RED button – SORT

    RED button – NAME

    Then EXIT.

    You should now have all the movies together again.

    If you so wish you can now DELETE the channels that require a pin to view through the
    Channel manager.

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