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Everyone is a expert

Discussion in 'Safety valve' started by thefarter, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. thefarter

    thefarter Guest

    Im about fucked off with this site, people ask for help then all you get is shit. Coupled to that the fusking ops aint much better! They try to put words in your mouth....At the end of the day I dont need help because I can do everything I want with a PC, I`ve just been trying to help ppl.
    Ban me? If you like! With all you assholes around please do!
  2. Nephilim

    Nephilim Moderator Staff Member

    Feb 13, 2003
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    What are you on about? I just looked through all your posts and didn't see anyone jumping you or contradicting your advice.
  3. Praetor

    Praetor Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 4, 2003
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    Sorry to hear that, anything in particular we might be able to work out for you?

    If, by "you" you mean the people giving answers -- you're right in a lot of cases: people come by and ask questions that have been asnwered in that same thread or more commonly they ask something obscure like "My program doesnt start -- what do I do?" -- now if you know anything about computers or communication you know that a reaction of "How can we help you? You havnt told us anything" is not an unreasonable one. In a lot of cases, people will post a thread where the stickies already answer it -- it's like they wont even lift a finger to help themselves or at least make it easy for the rest of us to help them

    Now if, by "you" you meant the people asking the questions -- yeah I do agree they sometimes get more flak than they deserve but consider this for instance: you've been around for a couple thousand helpful posts and there are stickies everywhere to deal with the common problems but people just thing that they are the only ones in the universe to have that problem and they just ignore the search option or the stickies! Like I said before: they wont life a finger to help themselves -- should we? Another common scenario are the people who just feel the urge to post questions in the wierdests of places (my favorite, the Suggestions and Feedback) -- hell I even made a sticky thread titled "Want to ask a question? Look here" where they were instructed not to ask in the Feedback and Suggestion section -- for blatantly obious reasons. But peole do that anyways! There's no respect for rules (which, as Afterdawn users, you've all agreed to) -- so why should there be a reciprocating respect? One doesnt get respect from anyone (anywehre, whether it be here or in life) -- it's earned.

    Ya well that only comes as a result of trying to deal with Rule 5 in most cases. Take for instance someone who needs help getting a file called dev-halo.001 to work. I dunno if you know or if you know that us mods know -- but that refers to a Deviance release of the game called Halo ... tons more similar examples like thgat -- none of which we can talk about as per Rule 5.

    Ok so I take it you are one of the people "giving out help" ... but you are getting flak while doing that? That's worth someone looking into (i.e., me).

    Now you and I know that solves nothing hehe. It's been a long time since ive banned someone for being angry -- people get angry -- i can respect that -- just try not to get this get into a flame war and maybe we can fix what's buggin ya


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