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evox doesnt boot up any more

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by wanui, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. wanui

    wanui Guest

    Hi first off sorry but this is probaby a common quest for help but i couldnt find nothing,Anyway my xbox used to boot up to evox now it just goes straight to the m/s dashboard i can still play backups and i managed to burn a startup disk which only shows evox dash when the disk is in other than that it wont load by itself i tried to ftp as well but it wont connect with or with my startup disk...what do i do other than smash the xbox on my head?
  2. kopkilla

    kopkilla Guest

    what you want to do is use ftp (FLASHFXP) and save the msxboxdash in your c:/ drive and call it oldmsdash.... then change the evox dash to the msdashes name and the X3 should load it up immediatly. remember... the evox.xbe and .ini files are a must for the xboxs C;/ and the skins and bios are OPTIONAL

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