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Evox help

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by azeam, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. azeam

    azeam Guest

    Ok i just installed a x3 chip on my v1.6 xbox. Now I want to install evox, but Im not sure if I should flash the bios first. If I should install evox first tell me how u do it and if i should flash my bios first please tell me what bios I should use for my v1.6 xbox. Also cant u have the orginal xbox dash board and evox with and x3 chip (just wondering cause I want to play xbox live).
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  2. ozy

    ozy Regular member

    Apr 17, 2003
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    download slayers auto installer 2.6 final. It should install everything including bios. I think!!!
  3. E-Era

    E-Era Guest

    this tut is for using a crossover cable: xbox connected directly to the pc nic card.
    If you dont want to download "slayers auto installer 2.6 final" you can do like i did mines.

    First things first When you finshed downloading the new hack bios make sure that you change the name from x3_2914_16plus to Bios and add a 100mb dummy file then burn it on a dvd-r as a image. Now turn-on your xbox to the flash bios screen make sure that you put your banks to "on,on,off,off,off".Now you are able to flash your new hack bios.
    pop in the bios dvd that you made in your xbox and Then select "Load bios from disc"
    Now you will see a yellow and then a green bar load-up.
    It will shut down your xbox now just turn it back on and you will see were it use to say microsoft it will say "Xecuter3 rox my box" if it says that you know you did every thing just perfict. Now we are able to run our Dashboard so we can run some great programs on it .But first we need to do some configuretion before we run our dashboard so lets get stared.

    After you see the logo "Xecuter3 Rox my box" the (X3 Config live) screen will load-up. Now we are in for some real bussness!!!
    Now on your configlive mode lets go to settings,and "Network setup" you will see Set Static IP Make sure you set yours just like mines

    NetWork setup

    DHCP: Disabled
    Set Static IP:
    Set SubNet:
    Set Gateway IP:
    Set DNS1:
    Set DNS2:
    FTP Login:X3
    FTP password:X3

    You should be just fine with that NetWork Settings.
    After that Cold Reboot your xbox now you should see the IP: on the left make sure it says "IP:". if it says that then your good .Now we need to go back to your computer open up Control Panel go to Network and open it up.A small window shuold pop up. Look for TCP/IP-> and doudle click it and an other window will pop up. "TCP/IP Properties" now go to IP Address and check Specify an IP Address. Now IP Address and Subnet mask should hight light with no nubers. Enter the fallowing

    Subnet Mask:

    After that click on Gateway now were it says "New Gateway" Enter the following numbers

    New Gateway

    And then click add now the only thing to do i click "OK"
    now you good to go. /restart your computer

    After restarting your computer you can now loadup FlashFXP.
    "I Accept" Just click F8 on your keyboard and a new Window should pop-up dont do nothing. but the following .

    this opperation is using a crossover cable(cat5)

    Server or Url:
    User name:X3

    simpley click connect and now you are Ftping in side your xbox Now you should see 7 partation C,D,E,F,X,Y,Z. Its the time we bin wating for its time to put a Dashboard . Now lets go to ower"" computer and Extract the EvolutionX 3935.rar file and Delete all of the files sep for evoxdash.xbe,evox.ini,and Skin .Open the evox.ini file and scroll down in till u see (Network) and Enter the following.


    SetupNetwork = Yes
    StaticIP = Yes
    Ip =
    Subnetmask =
    Defaultgateway =
    DNS1 =
    DNS2 =
    SetupDelay = 0
    SkipIfNoLink = No

    Whan you are done just save it.

    go to FlashFXP now you can simpley drag the 3 files from the left side to the right side. but before you do. open the C:/ Partation and then drag all 3 files and when it finsh just go back to your xbox and boot to dash. BAM EvolutionX is in your xbox

    Thanks to E-Era
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