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Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by haduke, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. haduke

    haduke Guest

    I am having one HELL of a problem here guys.

    So I upgraded a hard drive for a buddy of mine. But I was trying to put a formatted evox.ini file on his drive. For some odd reason, I can't FTP the new evox file to his drive. It will go to about 80% and stop everytime. Now when his xbox comes on, all I get is MS Dashboard, Reboot, Power Off, Settings, and Backup. Reboot and Power Off does not work. I don't have any other ideas on what to do to fix the problem either. I can't delete the messed up evox file from his drive either. I have tried numerous times to edit the evox file, and it won't let me. This is really beginning to piss me off. Does anyone out there have any ideas on what I can do to get the original evox file back on his xbox? I would greatly appreciate any help at this point. Thanks.
  2. theridges

    theridges Guest

    AID 3.1 has a filemanager...you can add the evox.ini to the AID disc in a random folder and copy the .ini over using the file manager...
    or install unleashx to your applications folder and then use filemanager to boot that dashboard manually by chooosing the .xbe file and ftp the evo.ini to the xbox from there...
    it might not update because the evo.ini file is in use when ftp'ing so using the unleashx dash might solve the problem..

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