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executer 3 not working

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by mik22, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. mik22

    mik22 Guest

    I installed the xecuter 3 chip using the pin header but it does not seem to make a god connection when I put the chip on the pin header. If I move it around I sometimes get the blue bios screen. If I turn it a certain way and hold it I get the bios screen. Once I let go or do a reboot it will either reboot 3 times and give red and blue or solid orange. I think the problem is the chip is not fitting tightly on the pin header. Does anyone know what can be done about this. Anyone know if I can leave the pin header in and switch to a wire install? I don't see whay it would hurt but I'm not sure. Do you think that if I solder wires individually on each pin and then solder the other end to the back of the chip on the corresponding point will work. I had a problem like this with the executer 2.3b pro wiht the no solder install so I switched to a solder install and had no problems. I'm not a big fan of these on solder connections because they have a tendency of haveing a bad conection or jiggiling loose.
  2. bluebus

    bluebus Regular member

    Jan 6, 2003
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    That's weird. Are you sure all the points on the pin header have good solder connections to the board? The ones I've had fit really snug in the chip.
  3. mik22

    mik22 Guest

    They look OK.
  4. kopkilla

    kopkilla Guest

    check the DO connection... make sure its plugeed into the chip
  5. mik22

    mik22 Guest

    The d0 is fine. What I plan to do tomorrow is redo the solder pointns on the pin. I will suck the old solder off and start new. Mybe one of them don'g have a good connectoin.

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