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executer3 bios

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware boot discussion' started by skpippins, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. skpippins

    skpippins Guest

    does antbody know where i can find the bios for the executer 3 and how i load it in the xbox.i have the executer 2 bios but i am not sure if i can use it,and on the executer 2 the cd tray would eject for me the x 3 doesnt. please help skpippins.you guys are the best here to get help and i always appreciate it afterdawn is the absolute best site on the internet
  2. scottas

    scottas Guest

    The flash bios cromwell screen should give you options for flashing the bios. You can choose ftp, http, hdd or disk. The http option will give you a address, just type it in an internet explorer (or equivilent) window and it will link to the X3, ask you where the new bios is on the pc and then flash the chip. Leave all switches in left (off) position. Use the newest X3 bios build 1879. If you prefer disk the tray will open when the option is selected.
  3. skpippins

    skpippins Guest

    okay ill try that thanks.funny chip is on and working but bios wont flash damm amber light the minute i try to flash
  4. skpippins

    skpippins Guest

    i tried using http but still amber light and no bar.this chip must be bad because i tried on mine and worked fine.this sucks

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