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Extract images of protected CDs with Alcohol 120%

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by aldaco12, Mar 24, 2003.

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  1. aldaco12

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    Nov 6, 2002
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    1. Open Alcohol. Select the 'Image making Wizard'


    2. On the next screen you'll see info on the CD (Type, Size, Layout and so on) that is located on your default drive (D: in this example).
    On the bottom there is a very important drop-down menu: Datatype (see figure)


    3. Select 'Datatype' (step 3) according to the protection you have detected, with ClonyXXL for instance, on the CD. In this example, since we have a PSX CD (Libcrypt protected, the default protection for Playstation discs) we will choose Datatype 'Playstation'. You will notice that this will automatically check a read option (read Sub-Channel Data) that was previously unchecked


    4. Click 'Next' (see image above, step 4)

    5. Select the destination folder for the image (see figure, step 5) . By default, the image name will be the CD Volume name (METALSLUGX in this example). You can also (step 6) choose the image format. MDS is the default Alcohol 120% image format, but you can also choose other formats. In this example (see figure) you can also choose CloneCD image type (.CCD/.IMG/.SUB). Please note that in this example you CANNOT choose .BIN/.CUE format because this format does not support Sub-Channel data extraction (needed for backup of protected PSX CDs).


    6. Click 'Start' (see above, step 7) to start data exraction.

    7. The next screen will allow you to follow the dumping procedure: you'll notice the dumping progress at the top of the page.
    Please note: in this example we selected Datatype=Playstation, therefore enabling automatically 'Read Sub-Channel Data' option. You can see that from the 'Read Mode', that (see figure) is set at 'RAW + SUB-96' that means RAW Extraction (2352 bytes/sector instead of 2048 bytes/sector) plus Sub-Channel Data extraction (additional 96 bytes/sector).


    8. After the extraction has been completed, the window will close (if the proper option is checked) and the resulting image will be automatically loaded on Alcohol's main screen.


    Now you have an image of the CD you want to backup on your hard drive!

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