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Extracting Artist/Title from streaming audio?

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Pixie67, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. Pixie67

    Pixie67 Member

    Sep 29, 2004
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    First let me preface my question by thanking Veblin for the great contributions he has made to streaming audio information. I have set my system up purely from the info provided with no assistance from the boards. Great job Veblin!

    My question is, when downloading RN or Live365 streams through either Streamripper or Streambox, is there any way to obtain artist and title information, as Streamripper does with Shoutcast broadcasts? It's great getting audio, but if I hear a song I don't know I'd like to have artist and title.

  2. taclark

    taclark Guest


    This trial software lets you extract 130 songs for free. To get more music you'll have to purchase the software for $70 (U.S.). It gives you title and artist information. I've been impressed with it and was going to purchase it. But before I did, I thought of checking out what others think. Afterdawn has been such a great site for useful tools, I was hoping to find some freeware that would do the same thing. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything yet.

    Anyway, you might wan't to check it our for the free trial. One downside--you can't really select just the songs you want. You pick a radio stram and hit record. It breaks the songs up into individual MP3s, and then you can delete the ones you don't want. As a final note, your first and last recorded song will invariably be chopped off. That's why I just let the recorder run--to minimize the bad recordings.

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