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Fast Track Movies

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by joshepard, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. joshepard

    joshepard Guest

    I'm sure most of you use the Fast Track Movie site...About a week ago my quick link through my Favorites, dissapeared..I put the URL in my address bar and get "Cannot Display This Page" ...Does anyone know what happened to this site? Or is it just my Browser needs adjusting??? Thanks,joeyshepard...
  2. Prisoner

    Prisoner Guest

    What web address are you using? Give it in your post and others could test it to see if you have a brouser or web address problem.
  3. joshepard

    joshepard Guest

    The web address I use is hooked into "My Favorites" but I've tried to get into the site by printing this address: http://www.fasttrackmovies.com What's frustrating is that I am a registered user of that site and can't even get in..Thanks for you help..Joeyshepard
  4. lazz

    lazz Guest

    The same for me. Used the same url and haven't been able to get to this site for a long time. Can anyone help? Thanks. The url I had been using is: http://www.fasttrackmovies.com
  5. yvette

    yvette Member

    Sep 20, 2003
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    Had the same problem, found the answer in a kazaa-forum.
    They've been kicked of there server by there server-provider.
    And that's been 2-3 weeks ago.
    They are trying to get back online.

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