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File Conversion

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by Shardel, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Shardel

    Shardel Guest

    I have a friend that asked me about movies downloaded from a site
    called Vongo.com. I have never downloaded a movie so I couldn't
    help, but told him I would ask on afterdawn because I knew you guys
    would know. He says he gets the movie downloaded okay. It plays
    on his computer. He would like to burn a copy but his burning
    software does not recognize the file type. What he is wondering is
    if there is a conversion software that he can use.
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  2. IHoe

    IHoe Senior member

    May 21, 2005
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    see if this program works for him..... don't know what file type he has but this programs does many file types.
  3. rdmercer1

    rdmercer1 Active member

    Nov 11, 2004
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    Shardel you might tell your friend to reaf the user agreament on what and what not the user can or can't do as far as puting the download to a disk, it states on the site that you can't do what you are asking to do, but that would be up to that person, because that person dose not own the dvd,
  4. Shardel

    Shardel Guest

    Thank you for letting me know that. I will chew my friend's ear
    about trying to get me to find out something he shouldn't know. He
    knows I don't do things like that. I should have checked that site
    out before I asked. Looks like my yorkie is going to have to move
    over in that dog house :)
  5. yrdbay47

    yrdbay47 Guest

    now i have not tried this but i downloaded a movie from Vongo that would play in windows media player you might try burning it throu there? don't know about the quality thou?

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