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Firmware upgarde to int. notebook dvd-rw drive causing malfunctions(Toshiba SD-R6012) please assist!

Discussion in 'DVD / Blu-ray drives' started by quaz, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. quaz

    quaz Guest

    I own a Sony PCG-GRZ660 notebook which comes with a Toshiba SD-R6012 cd/dvd-r/rw drive. I found a firmware upgrade on http://www.cdrinfo.com and installed it(v.1734). After the update Windows seems to have problems recognizing the drive. Other programs,like nero 6 and clone dvd, seem to work ok. The drive itself also seems to work properly, actually the dvd rip speed has increased from 1.6x to about 7.5x max. I never checked the original firmware version, due to the fact that I'm an idiot, so it's quite possible that i did the wrong update. If anyone has any input on this matter it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you
  2. mummybear

    mummybear Guest

    This drive must be causing a few problems, i have just had a new one installed in my Laptop PCG-GRT25 and it will not recognise certain blank media that i put in it. After much searching found a blank that it would recognise and did a burn through decrypter and the disc came out blank even though it said it was successful, tried doing it through Nero on the same blank since it was still empty and it worked fine.....very strange, any thoughts appreciated

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