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Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware mods' started by lindy41, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. lindy41

    lindy41 Guest

    i've relized that xbox's have different firmwares and updates....as well as anyother system connnected to internet...anyway i haven't got my xbox yet and i didn't bother to check the firmware....so tell me if im wrong about the whole firmware thing anyway...but i can softmod with any firmware right???? or can i downgrade?? or do i have to install a modchip??/ any answers would be great...THANKS ALOT
  2. DLyon4

    DLyon4 Regular member

    Oct 11, 2007
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    Are you talking version #?. I don't think you update that. There is an MS dashboard update, which you need before attempting any softmodding. There are different firmwares for the DVD drives, which dtermine what things can be done to them. Just look which version you have and then search here and other sites. Heck just google your version with softmodding and that should answer your question. I think there are issues with ver 1.6, but they may have been resolved by now.

    So.... to answer you effectively, you'll need you version number, and then you'll be able to dtermine you best course of action.

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