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First time,message please help

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by wooder, Sep 5, 2004.

  1. wooder

    wooder Guest

    I have just started using DVD Shrink today with moderate success.Things were going ok,the dvd had been analized when this message appeared on my screen-"This dvd appears to be RCE protected.If you correctly specify the region for which this dvd was intended,dvd Shrink will remove the RCE protection.If you leave the RCE coding unmodified this dvd will not play in a region free dvd player,or a player with region code other than the intended region" I then tick the specify region box and as i live in Australia i choose the Australia,Spanish America setting and leave the "Leave RCE coding unmodified"
    setting obviously unchecked/unticked.It goes through the motions as it would with any other old dvd and i thought everything was fine until it came to viewing.
    The only part of the dvd that played was the copyright message and then it just froze after that at 7 seconds in.Can someone please help me as i have to give the dvds back in 2 days time.First day using my Pioneer DVR-108 and i've used up my 10 discs with 7 successes and 3 coasters(does that mean failures)Any help would be much appreciated.Thanks in advance.Wooder.
  2. michigan

    michigan Guest

    When that error message comes up click OK you want to make your DVDs region free. One less problem when making to worry about when making backups. I've had that pop up a couple of times.

    As for the freezing what brand of media are you using? That is a classic sign of "bad" media.
  3. wooder

    wooder Guest

    I already do click region free but it still doesn't work out.And the media i have been using is Princo.I also must say that my 3 coasters have occured while trying to copy this one DVD.All the 7 others turned out close enough to perfect.I always clean both discs before i begin and as Scubapete advised i will be getting good quality media next time.Why does this one dvd not work out after the RCE warning comes up and i do select region free?Please help.
  4. wooder

    wooder Guest

    Hey Michigan,do you suggest i tick the "Leave RCE Coding unmodified" box,rather than ticking the "specify region" box and choosing Australia from the drop down menu?Should i just tick "Leave RCE Coding unmodified"?
  5. wooder

    wooder Guest

    Woops,i forgot to tell you Michigan,the dvd stopped right at the same spot on every copy-7 seconds in,on all 3 coasters.It displays the copyright message then simply grounds to a halt,finished,finito,caput.Every other dvd has been a sinch to copy but for some reason this one continually fails.Please help.

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