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Fix for MusicMatch converting to Yahoo crap player

Discussion in 'Audio' started by garmoon, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. garmoon

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    Oct 7, 2004
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    I don't know about anyone who was pi$$ed when MusicMatch sold out to Yahoo, but I'm sure there are others. When you try to run MM10.x it connects with Yahoo. I went back and installed previous version MM 8.20.x. I then went in to preferences and set all the parameters not to check on anything. Still the program would freeze for about 15 secs before it would work. I finally realized that if I set my Norton Internet Security Firewall to never allow MM to connect, the problem went completely away. It now loads and will play immediately. And you can still burn playlists as usual. You cannot look up mp3 song info but I'm not concerned with that. I'm now wondering if anyone has tried MM10 this way with Firewall blocking connection? Version 8.20.xx is good enought and I also had no trouble entering my serial # for MM Plus!

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