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Flame me if you must, but.....

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by Barron16, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. Barron16

    Barron16 Guest

    I have searched & read, my brain is starting to smoulder.
    I am using an Xtender modchip, running EvolutionX (V1.8.2594), BIOS "unknown", Kernel 1.00.3944.01
    Newer games will not run from the HDD, I understand that I need to flash the bios.
    1. Which bios am I updating, the Xbox or the chip ? (curiosity)
    2. Do I need to use a specific bios for the above ?(I have D/L'd the various bios's, M7 etc.)
    3. A link to flashing bios's for dummies would be nice :)

    2 weeks before Xmas is NOT the time to smoke my 9 yr. old sons favourite posession.
    Any help much appreciated.

    Thank you
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  2. Barron16

    Barron16 Guest

    Forget question 1 (gives self upercut)
    Finding conflicting info on flashing extender, help?
  3. Scot

    Scot Regular member

    Dec 2, 2003
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    You need to patch the games default.xbe file for media protection.

    Download ADR Patcher http://www.xbox-saves.com/pafiledb/pafiledb.php?action=download&id=526

    Download ADR Patcher Update http://www.xbox-saves.com/pafiledb/pafiledb.php?action=download&id=684

    You simply create a folder on your pc (lets call it ADR) and extract the files from the ADR patcher into the folder that you just created (ADR) and then extract the folders from the updated data pack and put them in the same folder, it will prompt you to replace the file that is in there, just say yes. Now
    you have a updated patch program that will remove media protection from your games.

    You launch the program and point it to the games default.xbe file and run it, it will automatically hex edit the file and fix the string that causes the game to not load. You could use the adr patcher to patch complete iso files too if you choose, works the same either way. To be safe run the patcher on any .xbe file in the game.

    You could of course update your bios to eliminate patching your games (Evox M7), a bios update would be good, it bypasses media flags, but in the meantime this will fix do the same thing and will your problems. Make sure that you no how to do a bios flash as if this goes bad you could mess up your xbox.
  4. GetModded

    GetModded Guest

    From what I've read the Xtender chip not flashable. Meaning your stuck with the bios on the chip.
    Your only option is to manually patch the games on your PC or install a newer chip.

  5. Barron16

    Barron16 Guest

    Thanks heaps guys :)
    I'll go with the patching for now, but dug another chip out of my parts draw, just have to identify it. (put it away about 12 months ago) 29 wire, single chip rectangular PCB with 3 pads seperate, 2 marked with a + & -. Think I saw a pic of it somewhere yesterday while searching for info.
    Ta again Scot 'n Rusty

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