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flashing ts-h943

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware mods' started by consta21, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. consta21

    consta21 Guest

    i am wanting to flash my ts-h943 and i dont know if i will need the VIA6421A chipset PCI SATA card here are my motherboard specs http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/...&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&product=1152525〈=en
    i have connected the cd drive to the sata connector on my pc and have the power cable from my xbox plugged in to cd drive but pc has not detected it itself

    any help would be much appreciated thanks
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  2. creaky

    creaky Moderator Staff Member

    Jan 14, 2005
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