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Flipping Screen

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by Daredev|l, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. Daredev|l

    Daredev|l Guest

    Hi all. Maybe someone might know what is going on here because I just wasted a lot od CDs trying to get this to work. Whenever I try to play burned SVCD movies in my DVD player the screen just rolls like a VCR with tracking off. I never had a problem burning SVCDs and playing them in my standalone DVD player before until the last few. The sound is fine, just the picture is messed up. Anyone please, PLEASE!, have an idea why it is doing this?
  2. Praetor

    Praetor Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 4, 2003
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    Does it play okay on the computer?
  3. oak1

    oak1 Member

    Jul 12, 2003
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    Is the disc ntsc or pal. They play at a different frame rate so if you have a ntsc movie and you are playing it in a dvd player that is set to play pal or the other way around then you will get this problem. Most dvd players bought in the us are set for ntsc and most of them can handle pal also nowadays. Perhaps there is a button that you need to push. On my remote there is a button that says P/N for pal/ntsc. If I have this flipped sometimes I get this issue.
  4. Shin555

    Shin555 Guest

    i got this problem but burning as a VCD.

    I once downloaded Zoolander, in DVD quality and widescreen format. It took me half a day maybe more to get it sorted to the right format because the original pixels for VCDs had made everything thin. So i changed the pixels to its original size, but this also gave me problems, [bold]as it played ploperly on some DVD players but not at all in others where like you only the sound was played[/bold].

    So this can eiether be because your DVD or SVCD is not compatible with the pixels set.


    ...If in the movie (especially a good quality one that has been downloaded) there are these phases where the screen goes weired and sometimes green, when viewing on your PC this can effect your disc and the way it plays.

    [bold]How To Solve It...[/bold]

    If it is the pixels, then i don't think that you can do much about it. Have you tried it on a better quality DVD player? not to say that yours is crap, but if it is its best to check.

    The Dodgy phases, what i used to do for this is download another copy of less quality crop the section from the good and not so good quality movie using TMPGEncoder, and when you come to burn them, such as with Nero, you insert all of the files (movie sections avi's mpg's) in order and delete the pauses, so that it will be like a chapter on DVD's. [bold]But this is a lot of hassle[/bold].

    Or you can do what i do, leave the DVD player for the original copies and [bold]purchase a PC to TV adapter, i use a wireless one[/bold] but your graphics card needs a TV Out sockrt/port. Then even less hassle burn the AVI/MPG onto a cd as though you are burning a normal DATA cd. Play the movie on your computer and watch it on the big screen TV.

    Hope this helps!!!
  5. Shin555

    Shin555 Guest

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