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Foll proff guide in creating MC exploit

Discussion in 'User submitted guides' started by ferdzjp, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. ferdzjp

    ferdzjp Guest

    I'm totally new aa this. I have both swap magic 3.3 and USB extreme (which by the way is sooooooooo slow and compatibility is sucls at best). I am interested in using my mc to boot up games from the USB hard disk (even if this means putting usb extreme into it..sigh). Can anyone point me to an idiot's guide in creating mc exploit or any similar app? many thanks!

    PS: I have a pstwo (slim)..
    also, why does game FMVs on the HD stutters on USB xtreme? I presume this is bcoz of the slow bandwidth of the ps2 usb..am i right?

  2. ferdzjp

    ferdzjp Guest

    lol :D I spelled fool proof foll proff

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