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Followed all instructions for guide AVI to DVD

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by mofofox3, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. mofofox3

    mofofox3 Guest

    can this guide also convert
    Type of FILE: MPEG (movie file)
    to be played on a dvd-r
    if so i skipped the first step which was
    SRT2SUP cause i don want subtitles
    i did the second step
    AVICodec which gave me a bunch of info
    i waited through the third step
    TMPGEnc and made sure all of the settings matched the
    i am stuck on the author part if says
    NO elementary something i am not infront of it
    how can i fix this?
    i looked at the clip after the encryption and it is the same file type as b4.

  2. ScubaPete

    ScubaPete Senior member

    Mar 13, 2003
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    Hi Guy and welcome to aD,

    I don't mean to sound overly stupid or have it look like I'm not paying attention but could tell me what guide you're refering too ?

    Are you starting oput with AVI files OR MPEG files ?

    Have you already tried Nero's NeroVision ? Did it not work for you ?

    I'm not relly bad with help, I just have to be shown where the path is :)


  3. ScubaPete

    ScubaPete Senior member

    Mar 13, 2003
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  4. mofofox3

    mofofox3 Guest

    I guess i am sorry for not being clear. i accidently posted two cause my dog hit the button. I did my research and found no response cause the other person that had this problem fixed it without identifying how.
    i believe i am using mpeg files to start with the file type in my first posting identified it verbatim via windows xp properties. Anyones help is greatly appreciated for i don want to waste anyones time.

    I need to know if this guide can convert from MPG to DVD

    Once encrypted and ready to be authored how come i get a hault "found no vaild elementary stream file to multiplex" i understand what it means some what but have no idea how to fix it. once again thanks so much

    the guide i am referring to is called convert divx or xvid avi to dvd

  5. mofofox3

    mofofox3 Guest

  6. mofofox3

    mofofox3 Guest

    I will wait patiently now..... thanks for the help
  7. andmerr

    andmerr Guest

    thats the lamest excuse: my dog did it (chuckle)

    Even though your file is mpeg you need it to be mpeg 2 compatable so that you can then burn it to dvd or use a re author tool such as tmpgenc dvd author.

    there are programs available that will do this for you an example is below.

    DVDCutter Stream and Mp3CDWav Converter v4.0

    DVDCutter Stream and Mp3CDWav Converter is a Audio/Video Player and Editor. The aim : Provide a complete and easy A/V solution. As a player, it can play MPG,MPEG4,VCD, DVCD, DVD,avi, asf, wmv, etc. ; As a editor, it can help you covert CD->Mp3 files, CD->Wav files, Mp3->Wav files, Wav->Mp3 files, VCD(dat file)->MPG file, DVD(vob)->avi with Sound, DVD(vob)->AC3, DVD(vob)->MP3, Avi (raw or uncompressed)->Avi (Compressed by DivX or others), MPEG->Avi (Compressed or Uncompressed at you own will ). More important, it not only can rip any part of one song, but also any part of the whole CD disc, i.e it can start from any frame or any time, end at any frame or any time. It's also good at splitting and merging multimedia files or any type of files (such as exe, rar, zip,iso, ace, wmv, asf, and so on). It can help you cut or split your favourite part(s) or whole mpg/vob/mp3/avi file from VCD/DVCD/DVD/MPG file/dat file/vob file/mp3 file/avi (including divx ) file to disc, and merge them again if you will. Remember what you obtain is a AV file with sound! Not only can strip audio part from DVD, mpg and avi file, but also eliminate the sound of an avi movie and then can add any sound you like into it! ( OS: Win98/ME /NT/ 2000/XP ). By the way, welcome to the free download area of this page where maybe you can find something that probably you have been longing for. XP it!

    how about turning the volume down, there are no all caps messages.This is considered rude and wont be tolerated on this forum
  8. mofofox3

    mofofox3 Guest

    Great now i have two strikes against me. Fellas u will realize that i am very computer literate but have no forum manners. sorry bout the caps an the double post.

    as for the answer, I thank u so much and i promise not to double post with caps again. i think all of the files that i am going to convert will be MPEG so i am going to try the Mpeg video author first unless told not too. the other stuff seems mad hard and very detailed though i love that i have two options thanks again all and no more fusses from me.

    as for the dog thing his name is rocky and he is an english bulldog who happens to hate laptops i have had to repair this one more than twice cause he ate it. i am feeding him normally and his actions can not be controlled for he is a 80lbs fat ass.
  9. andmerr

    andmerr Guest

    please explain
  10. mofofox3

    mofofox3 Guest

    well i already have double posted and then i wrote all in caps so those are the two strikes.

    other than that the information that u and ur team provided was awesome thanks so much for the help. i am sure i will have other questions about converting something that i captured off live tv i just havent had the time to screw around with that end of it.
  11. mofofox3

    mofofox3 Guest

    hey how do i get the dancing guy in the bottom of my screen? or the scuba pete symbol. you guys have some really cool stuff man. :)
  12. andmerr

    andmerr Guest

    heres a reply from nephilim but jerry 746 was really the one to help me get it down pat.

    You do this where you edit your personal info but put it in the signature box
  13. mofofox3

    mofofox3 Guest

    I guess we will keep this thread open cause i have another issue.

    I got the mpegs working that i wanted.

    now i mofofox3 am trying to convert .mov files so they can too be put onto dvd. the .mov files are quick time format. i will still try to research the issue some more.

    thanks so much for the ability to hype my account up i will have to try it
  14. mofofox3

    mofofox3 Guest

    Another problem for my friends the masters at AD. i in the process to convert avi to dvd once again. the software i am using is TMPGEnc provided by you lovely people. the software works great however i have run into another problem.

    i am looking at the AVICodec screen right now and it says

    V. Codec Name MPEG4 V3
    A. 1 Codec Named MPEG Layer-3
    File : 144mb, dur 45:53 type avi, 1 audio stream qual 12%

    video 126mb, 358kbps, 12,500 fps, 352*288 (4:3), MP43 = MS MPEG4 v3, supported

    audio 18.38mb, 56kbps, 2400o Hz, 2 channel, 0x55 = MPEG Layer-3 supported

    after i go to the TMPGEnc and it relays the message that file can not open or unsupported.

    Please help thanks so much u team of smart individuals
  15. andmerr

    andmerr Guest

    have a look at dvdsanta it can convert mpeg 4 format files back to mpeg 2 format so that they can be burnt to a dvd

  16. mofofox3

    mofofox3 Guest

    OK i used the santa and now i have another problem.
    I think the santa worked great because i have the nessecary dvd files. i am wondering if i should use womble cause i have to merge two mpeg4 files coverted by santa. At first i tried doing the both files together in santa but it said the files were to big for dvd. Now they are converted and i was wondering what options i have to correct the issue. Once again u guys are great and i really appreciate it
  17. mofofox3

    mofofox3 Guest

    ALRIGHT (sorry) i used the womble program and man is that cool. after pasting all of the clips together and saving i had to author it. this is awesome.....
  18. andmerr

    andmerr Guest

    i am starting to feel obsolete you really didnt need my help did you just a little shove in the right direction.

    I guess now you can sort the rest out


  19. mofofox3

    mofofox3 Guest

    Andmerr as well as the rest of the seinor members of this group. Thank You so much i get really annoyed at my self when i have to bother u guys for help. i usually spend late nights on these projects, so i get very tired. i really love reading through these forums but at 200AM its hard on the eyes.

    At first i used the womble and it said the format was bad. so i sat there thinking what if i trick santa do the both clips at seperate times then use womble and re author the clips.

    i know for a FACT that i could not do any of these things with out the help of ur team as well as the guides and information provided on this site.

    So guys thanks and i am sure ull be hearing from me again cause i havent begun to convert things i capture to my HDD.
  20. andmerr

    andmerr Guest

    your welcome

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