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Free Dial Up Ty!

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by rAnDyNeo, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. rAnDyNeo

    rAnDyNeo Guest

    Hi hello, first thread i've ever made in here..

    I am on vacation in LA,California.. in my sister's house and they have a computer that using dial up(i don't really know a lot about Dial up phone things) and it's Netzero and it's limited, only 10 hours for a month and it's free..but is there any ways that i can get a free unlimited dial up for their house actually they don't use it really often but i just want to make it free unlimited for them..i have a computer at home(DC) and someone is paying for the internet so yah..planning to buy a good laptop..that has everything i need for gaming and working...Might be Sony or Hp..sorry off the topic and thanks in Advance and everything..and i'll be glad to help anyone about computer 'cause i am kinda know a lot about computer and stuff..ty.
  2. rAnDyNeo

    rAnDyNeo Guest

    Ty guys, i just solved the problem..

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