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Discussion in 'All other topics' started by shivera, Nov 1, 2003.

  1. shivera

    shivera Guest


    It's me the great shivera. Lol, just kidding. On my old computer-I love it too much to get rid off. I've had it for around 3-5 years.-when I turn it on or reboot it freezes. It will un-freeze when I push and delete. Sometimes it even freezes when it says windows is shutting down, but its mostly when I reboot it or turn it on. I also have great news. I have learned of a tweak to boost 56k. It only works with XP Oh yeah, the computer that keeps on freezing has 98 on it. Anyways to get your 56k faster download cablenut. Then under Adjuster type in the values you will find at tweakxp.com

  2. Prisoner

    Prisoner Guest

    Did you have any important data on the computer?
    If not I would insert the good old Win98 disk, get to C prompt and format the disk using Fdisk. That is the easiest way to solve a Windows 98 problem. Reinstall and all beter, as long as win98 installs correctly.
    IF you don't want to do that it becomes harder how to fix Win98 to work. There is a reson why ever two years there is a new Microsoft Operating sytem!!!! For stabiltiy chose Red Hat. And you would like it for the abiltiy to program anything :)
  3. shivera

    shivera Guest

    Lol, I've tried a billion times. It doesn't work. Also about Linux, I'm not downloading it because if I format my old PC I lose all the drivers and I don't know how to get'em back. I had to take it to a repair shop to get all the colors(32bit) and the sound fixed. The reason I won't download Linux now is cause I have 56k...even though it is tweaked EXTREMELY well it is still slow at downloading and kinda slow at web browsing. But don't worry I've been gettin my mom to call the DSL company. So I'll be gettin' it soon ;). Another problem with my old PC that popped up-well it might be because of my tweaking the registry-when I go to MSN to sign in it says Can't find the dial up credentials. So now I can't get on the internet with it. Don't worry my new PC I got for my Birthday this year can and it works great :).

    p.s. Why do not many people respond to my posts?
  4. Prisoner

    Prisoner Guest

    Reading your last post confused me. Your old computer still boots into Win98? Then you can remove programs, reinstall ete. The best thing to do is format and reinsall fresh. Drivers you should have disks for and can download from company websites. I would search and download all drivers first before messing around with Win98. I mention Linux because it is free and I know it will work. You can alos buy it from most stores at round $50, which isn't too bad for full OS with ful Office package and Gimp (exactly like Photoshop). What are your old computer specs?

    Others posting, I have know Idea. I just try to help people with quick fixes.

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