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games onto my ipod

Discussion in 'iPod discussion' started by qqqq2aye, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. qqqq2aye

    qqqq2aye Guest

    hi guys is there an easier way to put games onto my ipod or do i need linux or rockbox i paid over $400 bucks for this thing and its got the shittiest games ever on it plz help
  2. jazo132

    jazo132 Guest

    There are games that you can purchase through iTunes, but I'm not sure if you can get anything for free besides RockBox, Linux, etc.
  3. mrxxg

    mrxxg Guest

    if you like games, you should buy PSP..lol.
  4. nitrous3

    nitrous3 Regular member

    Oct 27, 2005
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    tru dat, lol games are meant for the PSP, not the iPod. but the games on iTunes are pretty decent for an iPod. great time pass.
  5. Kulith

    Kulith Guest

    try some p2p/torrent software, search for ipod games, follow instructions.

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