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Discussion in 'Nintendo Gamecube - General discussion' started by boki2002, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. boki2002

    boki2002 Guest

    how do the games actually work....

    2 many explanations in the past. Cut it short..
    Where from ETC
  2. coldasice

    coldasice Guest

    I think you have cut it WAY to short on it's own. I also don't expect you'll recieve an answer that is short. You wanna know how a game works. That leaves it a bit open don't you think? What PART of a game DO you wanna know about? The loading of in the middle of a game? The boot process? How the lazer actually READS the game? Do you wanna know how the game works off the Gamecube or the PC? You wanna know mechanical details? When you use such orders as *HOW DO THE GAMES ACTUALLY WORK* and *CUT IT SHORT* you can't expect to get a short responce. If you specified a certain attribute I'm sure the responce would be shorter than if you just replied *EVERYTHING*! But I'll tell you a little secret that you MUST have not picked up when you entered a forum as such. *whispers* Explaining how a technical device work in the shortest possible way will still take alot of explanation. ;)

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