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Gauntlet & NBA Jam

Discussion in 'Xbox - Backup discussion' started by isuballr, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. isuballr

    isuballr Guest

    I am currently backing up all of my Xbox games. all of them worked fine, except for Gauntlet and NBA Jam. when i ftp from the xbox to my PC, only 2 files come over, then i get the "transfer queue completed." the two files only have about 80Mb combined, so i know there is much more to the game (plus when i open the "D" folder through flashfxp there are a few more folders that i can't open). if anybody has any info on why these games won't ftp i would appreciate it. no big deal, i still have the games to play, but i'm curious as to why some work and some don't. thanks
  2. isuballr

    isuballr Guest

    So i take it nobody else has had problems with these games? i just bought Conflict Vietnam and have the same problem. it ftp's only 4.3MB. there's no way that's the whole game!! anybody with any help would be awesome.
    thanks in advance.

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