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Getting the PERFECT picture

Discussion in 'HD DVD discussion' started by nm07901, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. nm07901

    nm07901 Member

    Mar 7, 2006
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    I've heard that ther is a downloadable bit of software, that after burning to a DVD, can be used to "fine tune " an HDTV.

    Anyone know anything about this ?
  2. byngo

    byngo Regular member

    Jun 29, 2005
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    There are a couple of DVD disks you could purchase,
    Do a search for "AVIA" AV Calibration or "DVE" (Digital Video Essentials) Calibration disk.
    Apparently, AVIA is the best one.

    There is also a free, but much more basic method,
    Find an existing DVD with the THX optimiser included in the sub menu's (Starwars - Attack of the clones, Toy Story to name a couple)
    and run through that to fine tune settings.
    This should get your contrast, brightness and sharpness settings very good, however, I must say that when I first set my LCD up it did take me a while to set a picture mode I was happy with and particularly one which reached a middle ground for all video sources.
    It must have been some 10 months or so later that I tried the THX disk on my chosen settings and I found that I needed to make only very minor changes.
    If you have a new set, just have a play with the settings now and then, but writing down the the one's you think are about right so that you can go back if appreciable progress isn't made and do this over several weeks and appraising each change against different sources.
    And remember that the "Perfect Picture" is subjective and everyone's opinion will be differnet so set it how it looks good to you.

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