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gretings all + help me please

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by mrdeadone, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. mrdeadone

    mrdeadone Guest

    ok 1st of all, new here so would like to say hi to every1 here..

    ok my question is.
    when i copy my dvd movie to dvd+rw it will only play on my pc and not in my dvd player..
    blank dvd discs i am using are infiniti dvd+rw.. i have also tried using various program to copy and they all copy but still not playable on my dvd player..
    i have used nero6. clone dvd, and currently using my sonic dvd. am i missing something here as they all play but only on the pc..
    and what is the thing i keep seeing about ripping them 1st, as the programs i have used state they do direct copy's from movie to blank..
    hope some1 can help me. thanx :)
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  2. viper64

    viper64 Guest

    Hi, 1st of all does your stand alone dvd player support the the rw+/- formatt. Your dvd player might be to old, is it 3 to 4 yrs old?. If so buy a new one they are cheap now I just got on for $45 and it plays any and everything.(CYBERHOME)Try #2 before buying a new dvd player.

    2nd try to play that disk in a friends dvd player and let me know what happens

    3rd we might have to change your setup
  3. mrdeadone

    mrdeadone Guest

    thanx for the quick reply,
    1st, my current dvd players , both of them play copied movies in both formats.. so all i am doing is a direct copy on to blank dvd..
    2nd, they also work in my m8's pc + dvd player

    any ideas.
  4. karen2003

    karen2003 Regular member

    May 25, 2004
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    You wrote in your first post, "What is the thing i keep seeing about ripping them 1st, as the programs i have used state they do direct copy's from movie to blank." Hmmm, that might be your problem right there. Some programs (Nero, RecordNow) DO do "direct copies" of one DVD to another (e.g. if you have 2 DVD drives), but almost all commercial DVDs (store-bought movies) are copy-protected and so "direct copies" normally wouldn't work. Actually I'm surprised the copies play on your computer??

    Ripping is when you copy the files on a DVD to your hard drive, removing the copy protection in the process. DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink, both free programs, work great for this. DVD Shrink is good to use if the original DVD is >4.4gb because it will "shrink" (compress) it to fit on one DVD-R (or DVD+R) disc. There are guides on how to use Decrypter and Shrink -- see the "Guides" tab up at the top.
  5. viper64

    viper64 Guest

    I agree with karen; Use shrink to rip your movie to your hard drive and use nero to burn it on your blank media.

    After you download and install DVD SHRINK (which is free)follow this.

    1. open up dvd shrink
    2. put dvd movie in drive(dvd rw-drive)
    3. click on open disk
    4. wait until dvd shrink analyze the movie this should take 1 to 3 min
    5. click on RE-AUTHER
    6. look on the right hand side window you should see the words MAIN MOVIE right under that you should see TITLE ONE double click on this only. By doing so you just moved the main movie; no extras to the righ hand side window you should now see it there right under DVD
    7. you are now ready to rip the movie to your hard drive.
    8. click back-up; the movie will now be saved on your hard drive DONT FORGET THE LOCATION OF THE MOVIE BEING RIP. This should take 25 min -45 min.

    9. Now you can burn the movie to your blank media using NERO,record now, etc.
    10. remember once you find the folder where you ripped the movie to your hard drive only copy the files of the folder which should be AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS
    10. You will burn these files as DATA FILES WITH NERO,RECORD NOW,ETC. Let us know how it turns out.
  6. mrdeadone

    mrdeadone Guest

    thanx all for the help, as soon as i have followed the guide left for me here i will let you now the outcome, again thanx for the help as it was starting to annoy me...
  7. mrdeadone

    mrdeadone Guest

    ok here is the outcome of my problem, i have tried it 4 times .

    1st time was as stated, used dvd shrink to rip the dvd onto my hd, that was ok, video ts etc was all there, i opened up sonic mydvd burner, copied the files as stated, it again works on my pc but not on dvd player, i also copied this a data files like stated..

    2nd attempt, did all of above but instead of data i copied as dvd movie , added the files from the ripping process as earlier and again plays on my pc but not on dvd player.

    3rd attemp i did all above but i copied the files using the nero burning prog.. again added all files needed and burned using the data mode and works in pc and not dvd player...

    4th attempt was as nero above but burned with the dvd-movie process, again same as above..

    any other ideas please , and yeah running out of blank discs...
  8. viper64

    viper64 Guest

    Please take the dvd disk you made and try them in a friends player. I know you said that your dvd player can play it all; but it sounds like your dvd player don't like the Blank Media you are using; are the disk that you are using + or -. If the disk works on someone elses dvd player then I will say it's your player.Try playing it in another player if it works you might have to convert your files to ISO files. Also make sure that your firmware is up to date for your burner and that up have all updates for your OS from Microsoft. Remember also keep dvd/rw disk on hand this way you can practice on them and not on your recored once disk.
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  9. Jerry746

    Jerry746 Senior member

    Oct 23, 2003
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    Hi mrdeadone, I read where you said your player plays both formats. You are using a RW disc. The 2 formats are of course + and -. But there are +R, -R, +RW and -RW discs. Make sure your player will accept the RW formats. If you are not sure, go to this link where you can research your players and see what exactly they play.

  10. flip218

    flip218 Moderator Staff Member

    Apr 25, 2004
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    Your problem is your using RW media. Most standalones don't play RW media ... they say they do, but they don't. Try some +/-R media.

  11. mrdeadone

    mrdeadone Guest

  12. mrdeadone

    mrdeadone Guest

    ok my problem has been solved, follwed the guides that you all left and have change to using one media type , ( for now ) which seems to work on all the dvd players i have tested them on. and i did change my burner again to alcohol120% and blindwrite5 which seems to work great, again thanx for all the info and help in solving my problems, appreciated :)

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