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Guide for backing up DVDs

Discussion in 'User submitted guides' started by KrazyKarl, Feb 14, 2005.

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    Feb 14, 2005
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    After loading the DVD into your computer, right click that disc drive and go to properties. There you will find out the total GBs of the DVD.
    If they are less than 4.36 GB in size, the whole DVD can fit on one blank DVD+R disc. If this is the case you will only need to use the program
    DVD Decrypter. If the DVD is larger than 4.36 GBs, then you will have to use a combination of DVD Decrypter, DVD2one, and Nero Burning Software.
    DVDs larger than 4.36 GBs are dual layer discs and have to be compressed down to fit one a single layer DVD i.e. less the 4.36 GBs.
    (For more information or guides, go to www.afterdawn.com)

    For DVDs less than 4.36 GBs:

    1. After loading the DVD into the disc drive, open the DVD Decrypter program.
    2. Under Mode, ISO, select read.
    3. The DVD drive should be selected under Source. And for Destination, the DVD will normally rip itself to the C Drive, so you might want to
    create a folder for the extraced files to go to. (two files will be made, an .ISO and a .MDS file)
    4. Click the DVD to Computer icon to begin ripping...
    5. When ripping completes, under Mode, ISO, select write.
    6. For the Source, select the folder where the dvd was ripped to, and select the file with
    the extension .MDS (if you select the wrong file extension, DVD Decrypter will let you know and automatically pick the right one for you,
    for the fist time).
    7. For Destination, make sure you've inserted the blank DVD+R to the disc drive and select that drive.
    8. Click the Burn icon to burn the .MDS file to the blank DVD+R
    9. You now have a back-up of your DVD.

    For DVDs larger than 4.36 GBs:

    1. After loading the DVD into the disc drive, open the DVD Decrypter program.
    2. Under Mode, select File.
    3. The DVD drive should be selected under Source, and for Destination, the DVD will normally rip itself to the C:/"dvd title"/VIDEO_TS folder.
    4. Click the DVD to Computer icon to begin ripping...
    5. After the ripping is complete, close DVD Decrypter and open the DVD2one program, then click next.
    6. Under Source, select the folder under which the DVD files were ripped to, most likely it will be in the C:/"dvd title"/VIDEO_TS folder (same
    folder as above in step 3).
    7. Before choosing the Destination, create a new folder where the NEW compressed DVD files will be extracted to. Ex: C:/"Compressed dvd title" folder
    (this is the folder where the DVD compressed files that you will use to burn the DVD later will go)
    8. Now, under Destination select the folder that you created for step 7 above.
    9. At this point you have a choice to either burn the Full DVD or just the movie, choosing just the movie will cut out the title screen, any
    previews, chapter selection screen, and any extra features.
    9a. If you chose the movie only, then for the next screen, choose the title which has the correct number of chapter as the movie you are trying
    to burn.
    10a. Choose which English Audio you want, DTS is digital audio, ATS is the next step down, 6ch is six channel, for surround sound, 2ch is two channel
    for standard tvs (left and right audio). Some DVDs will have audios in other languages, which you don't need to check mark.
    11a. For the subtitle menu, you have the option to add subtitle if you wish. Under Angle, some DVDs have more than one angle to watch at, most
    often choose the first angle.
    9b. If you chose Full Disc, then select the audio you want. Same rules apply as step 10a. Often times the bottom or last ACS 2ch is the directors
    12. Select start to begin compressing the DVD down.
    13. After the DVD compression has completed, close DVD2one and open up Nero Burning Rom.
    14. Select File, then New. under the new window box, select DVD from the drop down menu. Right below that, select DVD-Video. The rest of the setting
    to the right should be fine, then on the right,click New.
    15. On the following screen and to the left you will see two folders, AUDIO_TS (in tan) and VIDEO_TS (in orange/red), Double click the VIDEO_TS
    folder to open it. Here is where you drop the contents of the compressed DVD folder C:/"Compressed dvd title" (same folder from step 3 and 6)
    16. Off to the right, Navigate you way to the compressed DVD folder and drag all of the files from the folder into the red VIDEO_TS folder.
    17. Instert the Blank DVD+R into the disc drive and click the burn icon (Burn the currnet compilation).
    18. If everything was done correctly, the DVD should begin to burn, if not and it says the disc isn't big enough, then the steps 9-12 have to be
    redone to ensure the disc has been compressed enough to fit on a single layer DVD disc. If this is the case try only using one of the Audios
    or simply copy the movie only.
    19. You now have a back-up of your DVD.
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