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guide no information

Discussion in 'Digital TV - UK & Europe' started by Dishdust, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. Dishdust

    Dishdust Guest

    Hi! all this site is the best
    coolsat 6000 premium using bev, in my guide it lists channels but no information on what is being veiwed or what's on next i know i need epg but have no idea where to get it, or is there a file i have to program to my receiver. Any help would be great and then i should not have to bother you for a while.
    Thanks in advance afterdawn rocks.
  2. bill038

    bill038 Guest

    Re: How To Populate Epg
    EPG concerns:

    Here is how to determine what channels to use if you wish to populate your EPG Guide. First, you need to have access to the internet (duh)!
    Next, go to Lyngsat(dot)com. When the HOME page opens, you will observe a text box near the upper middle of the page. Position your mouse cursor over the far right column labeled 61W – 160W and select the text block in the row PACKAGES and click on that selection.

    This will open a satellite listing page. Go to the sat you are viewing and look over to the 2nd or third column from the right. If there is a box labeled FREQ, click on that (not all sats on Lyngsat are listed this way, but DN is). Now, a channel list will open.

    Once that channel list opens, scroll down through the list until you locate the EPG channel. You will easily detect this because the EPG channel is highlighted in magenta. Before I mislead anyone, bare in mind that the normal EPG channels do not work very well to populate your EPG guide, although they do function. For DN you really need the EEPG channel or Extended Electronic Program Guide which was once on sat 110W but is now on sat 119 on TP18, 12.472 GHz (currently accurate as of 11/10/06).

    Once you find that EEPG signal channel, glance over to the left and observe that the TP information is displayed in the left most column. Now, observe all the other channels that are on that same TP. These are the channels that you want to use to populate your EPG guide. As long as you are viewing the 119 sat, you can use the EEPG data from 119W for all DN sats, even those that do not have any EPG channels of their own.

    Please note that nearly every channel carries it’s own EPG info, but that info normally only informs you what is currently being shown. Some channels may go out an hour or two and some (although very few) may go out several hours. Also, some satellites such as 129W don’t have an EPG channel of its own, so the only data you do get is the specific channel’s own EPG, if it is supplied.

    The EEPG channel on 119W supports all info for every channel on every satellite that DN has in operation. It is therefore recommended that you set up your system to include 119W and use a channel from TP 12.472 Ghz as your EPG signal carrier.

    Note that listed EPG or EEPG channel cannot be viewed or received directly. I believe it is listed on Lyngsat purely as a matter of information and courtesy. However, all the other channels on the same TP serve as “carrier” channels for the EPG information.

    Now (you must read your Coolsat manual to know how to do this), but you need to use the user favorite groups to assign channels to one or more of the eight favorite groups available. You are allowed to edit the name of each of these groups as you wish. You may only install a maximum of 120 channels (TV and radio channels totally included) in each group.

    Be certain to include a channel from the EEPG TP in each favorite group. Since DN has altered so many things, the function of the yellow, GO TO DISH EPG button on your remote has no functional purpose. It will still take you to a channel, but that channel is no longer applicable as an EPG carrier. Therefore, ignore this feature until future notice. You will have to simply type in the number of a currently active EPG carrier channel. Channel 239 is one that is functioning well.

    When you open or select one of these favorite groups, go to ch 239 and press guide and wait 1-5 minutes for the guide to populate. If you start this at one minute before the change of the hour, it will enhance the speed of the EPG population.

    With a Coolsat 5000, you should obtain ~84 hours of EPG information by following this procedure.

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