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Guide To Playing Emulators On Xbox

Discussion in 'Xbox - Backup discussion' started by legato777, Feb 5, 2005.

  1. legato777

    legato777 Member

    Oct 21, 2004
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    What you need:
    Modded Xbox
    Nero Burning Rom (there is other ways, but this is the best for me)
    Unziping Program

    Its very simple once you get the hang of it.
    First start up mirc, and choose EFnet server.
    Then join #xboxemu.
    !list to get triggers
    Then put in a trigger(!xb0x0rz should be something like this) and it will open a new window.
    In this window type this in the following order.
    Cd Xbox
    Cd Emulators

    Thats all of the emulators.
    Then cd to whatever system you want.
    Pick an emulator from that list, and cd dir to it.
    Get (file name here)

    Once you get the file, unzip all the files to a folder.

    Next, you need roms for that system.
    I like dohgames.com (tough luck finding psx and dc isos)

    Once you get all your roms, put them all in the folder called roms, thats inside your emulator folder.

    Now take out all the unneccesary files in the emulator folder, like the one that lists the updates, make sure you keep the config files in.

    Next check the config file to make sure the path is D:/Roms/. If not, change it (I know Surreal 64 you had to change.)

    Now open Nero Burning Rom.

    Then choose DVD-Rom (UDF. It might be Cd-Rom (UDF). And hit new.

    Now click and drag the folder to the 2nd collum.

    Next click the button that burns the current compialation (its got a match and a cd on it.)

    Under UDF tab, check Force Dvd-Video capability mode (Required for Xbox TM)

    Write it at slowest speed possible, and when your ready, click burn.

    Congrats, you have just made an emulator disc.

    Can I burn to cd-rs?
    No, its possible with cd-rws, but dvds work best.

    Can I play ps2, and gc games?
    No, no emulator exists to play these on xbox, and there isnt enough ram to play them anyway. (xbox and ps2 cant even play dc to the fullest)

    Where can i get psx and dc isos?

    Can I save emulators and games on my hard drive?
    Yes, Just ftp the files over to your xbox, in the right folders.

    My roms dont appear!!!
    Make sure you the path is correct in the config file

    Can I use any emulator?
    No, you need the ones made for xbox, otherwise, we could play ps2 and gc games on xbox.

    Well have fun, I did this all from memory, so there are probably some errors.
  2. fettabuba

    fettabuba Member

    Feb 14, 2005
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    i'm having some trouble creatring a disc is there anything missing from this method

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