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guitarist/song writer looking for people with a passion and goals

Discussion in 'Artist looking for a band' started by acLerok, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. acLerok

    acLerok Guest

    i am an 19 yr old guitarist/songwriter (playing/writing for 5+ years) right outside of philadelphia with a little bit of experience playing the keys. i do enjoy to sing as well. Im looking for people who share my same passion and desire for music, people who are creative and have ideas. What i really really want is some people who have been songwriters themselves in previous bands. 90% of music these days isnt pure, or from the heart, and thats what im shooting for, so im not necessarily looking to start a specific style and be just another band that sounds like something that has already been done. Im looking for strong songwriters and well rounded musicians who can sit down with me to just write songs from the ground up, build each song like a house. When you build house youre all like, what color should i make the walls in the living room, and will that color work with the trim around the windows? Then you have to worry about the outside, finishing the basement and crap like that. Its almost a hassle but it MUST be done, right? So if you want to start a band to play shows and have a great time, thats sweet and good luck, but dont contact me. But if youre willing to deal with a long drawn out process of songwriting and collaboration, please contact me. Once thats all good and done, then we'll play shows and get known.

    my major influences: sigur ros, the bad plus, appleseed cast, crime in choir, hella, explosions in the sky, the get up kids, the anniversary, minus the bear, death cab for cutie, the pixies, hot water music, enya, the beatles, mae, thursday, planes mistaken for stars, mars volta, engine down, matt pond pa, mogwai, refused, blood brothers, blink182 (cant forget blink), interpol, alkaline trio, coldplay, radiohead, the roots...etc
  2. bretthome

    bretthome Member

    Nov 21, 2004
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    hey man,

    I liked what you had to say, email me at Please_Ban_Me@afterdawn.com and i will get back to youwith more information. Ask anything you want to know as well

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  3. dearyn

    dearyn Guest

    hi please get back to me at Please_Ban_Me@afterdawn.com, you will want to hear what i got to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. flip218

    flip218 Moderator Staff Member

    Apr 25, 2004
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    Interesting emails both of ya have :) I can make that happen.

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