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Hackers are now targeting your router

Discussion in 'Windows - Virus and spyware problems' started by Mez, Mar 24, 2014.

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    Some more rescent good news!

    The takeaway is that it's no longer realistic to think that routers, DVRs, or other Internet-connected home appliances aren't worth an attacker's time. The ability of malware to infect a growing number of platforms, combined with the increasing difficulty of compromising more traditional targets, makes poorly designed "Internet of Things" devices the 2014 equivalent of Windows XP, particularly during the early years when the Microsoft OS was particularly easy to hack.

    DVRs are now being infected by botnets!

    wireless routers set up remotely easy targets

    Not so stealthy attacks

    Oh one reason I am so paranoid is some of the bad experiances I have had. One that come to mind is a hacker taking over my computer network. This process took over a year. My original router security was light. At the end I has the most secure wireless set up with the maximum name and password. At that time there still were hacker AD members. He or she told me wireless is easy to break into. I thought the person was foolish until that max name and password was broked in less than 24 hrs. Everytime the hacker broke in the router security was changed so I was locked out. If I reset the router it was locked by the time I could get to it. I realized the capture was automated because I tried during all hours of the day. The hacker member said go wired or put up chicken wire and tin foil screens around your antenna to block the access. That didn't work very well but the wired system has kept him out ever since. I have had several quite afew internat of IP address attacks over the years. I have software that alerts me when something trys to update my browser. When I see that I know my outer defenses have grown out dated.

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