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Halo 2 Mod Ideas

Discussion in 'Xbox - Games' started by drs772, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. drs772

    drs772 Guest

    Hey everyone, well I was bored in class today so I wrote up this list of mods I'd like to see made. So here's my list and if you can make them can you send them to my E-mail [removed]


    Banshee- Fuel Rod in normal plasma spot
    Flies 10x faster

    Ghost- Scorpion shots plasma spot
    Boost makes it go 3x faster

    Warthog- Fly from side seat
    Turret shoots automatic Wraith shots
    Driver shoots automatic Human Sniper shot with horn
    Powerslide is boost

    Gausshog-Same as normal Hog but Turret is Scorpion Cannon

    Spectre- Super turbo
    Turret shoots auto Beam Rifle

    Wraith- Super Speed
    Automatic cannon
    Auto-aim plasma turrets from campaign

    Climb up walls
    Main cannon is automatic
    Machine gun shoots super speed rockets
    Teammates can ride on the treads like Halo 1


    Battle Rifle- Shoots a triple burst Beam Rifle

    SMG- Scarab Gun

    Human Sniper- Auto-aim and fire

    Covenant Sniper- Spawns Over Shield

    Shotgun- Automatic Neddler with Shotgun quantity

    Plasma Pistol- Charged- Spawn Scorpion
    Uncharged- Spawn Warthog

    Plasma Rifle- No overheat PLasma grenade

    Brute Plasma Rifle- Couldn't think of an idea(sorry)

    Pistol- Automatic, long range shotgun

    Brute Shot- 4 Rockets at a time

    Rocket Launcher- unlocked- automatic
    locked- Jackal Shield

    Energy Sword- attack with trigger- 50 times longer lock-on range
    attack with melee- launches plasma grenade

    Plasma Grenade- Homing Rocket

    Frag Grenade- Jackal Shield

    Needler- automatic and 1 needle does the damage of 10

    Sentinal Beam- 1 hit kill and no overheat

    Large Plasma Turret- Automatic Tank shots

    Large Machine Gun- Automatic Homing Rockets


    Flag- 30 times longer melee range
    Stick with PLasma Grenade on contact

    Bomb- Melee shoots rockets

    Modder Bonuses

    Faster Shield Re-charge

    Always Overshield

    Super Jump

    Super Run

    Invisible when crouched

    Never show up on Motion Detector


    Pelican Dropship- The whole shebang from campaign (Sideseats, Back gunner, Pilot turret)

    Phantom Dropship- Everything (Holds many people with auto-aim and fire turrets)

    Shadow- Does everything from campaign and driver shoots Rockets

    Jackal Shield- Blocks Bullets and has a shield meter for ammo (destructable)

    Hover Chair- Does everything from campaign and can't be destroyed


    Every campaign map split into portions

    Custom maps

    Enemy appearance

    (select in quick options)

    Appear as- Grunts
    Jet pack Elites
    Heretic Grunts
    Heretic Elites
    Flood Marines
    Flood Elites
    Flood Carrier
    Flood Infection

    Well if you had enough of an attention span and actually read through all this congratulations for not dying! And if your a modder that would like to try these go ahead! But please just send me an E-mail with them to xXDarkBlade14Xx@yahoo.com.Thanks again!
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  2. Auslander

    Auslander Senior member

    Apr 23, 2004
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    umm...why do you think the forum rules don't apply to you. you'd probably have better luck in the xbox forums.
  3. Nephilim

    Nephilim Moderator Staff Member

    Feb 13, 2003
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    No posting email addies champ --> forum rules.

    Thread moved.

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