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hard drive space

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by TOMMMY, Mar 29, 2004.


    TOMMMY Guest

    hi I have some movies that i have downloaded into my (80gig) hard drive well i only have 12% left is there a way i can compress them to keep them on the hard dive. they are down loaded threw dvdshrink and if I have to delete them how do I do that
  2. daba

    daba Guest

    Downloaded with Shrink ? I guess you mean ripped.

    Well, if I understand right, you copied DVDs to your hard drive using Shrink and you want to get rid of some of them in order to recover space.

    Indeed, if you burnt the movies, there is no reason to keep them on your hard drive. But if you did not burn them (because you don't want to watch them on a standalone player) then you can recover space without deleting the movies. Just convert them to DivX/MPEG-4. You can find freeware encoders and viewers. There are many web sites about this topic (including afterdawn).

    Anyway, even if you convert the movies to DivX, you'll have to delete the original movies from your hard drive. To know where Shrink saves the files:
    - insert a DVD into your PC drive
    - launch Shrink
    - click on the "Open disc" button and select your drive
    - wait for Shrink to analyse the disc
    - click on "Full disc" and then on "Backup"
    - Shrink shows you where it is about to save the files on your hard drive.

    An other way:
    - launch the Windows file explorer
    - right-click on your hard drive
    - select Find...
    - type VIDEO_TS in the "Named" input box
    - make sure "Include subfolders" is ticked
    - click Find Now

    The file explorer will find every folder that contains a ripped DVD.
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