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harddrive help please

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by Super007, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. Super007

    Super007 Guest

    I am planning on modding my xbox and I would like to know what brand hard drives are compatible with xbox and what's the biggest size i can use.
  2. jealousjo

    jealousjo Guest

    you can use several different types of hard drives. Seagate, Maxtor and my favorite Western Digital have many models that will work with your xbox. To be sure, check modchip sites that sell HDD and you can be pretty certain that they're compatible. I have seen 400GB HDD's. Don't know if the Seagate 400GB HDD from newegg.com will work, but man...that would be sweet!! I'm pretty darn happy with 200GB. You can also check the compatible chart on xbox scene.com.
    You can also look into hooking up external HDD too, but I'm not the one to ask about that.
    Just be sure to have the proper HDD swapping software, cause you can't just swap Hard drives...but you already knew that. :)
  3. punqewe

    punqewe Active member

    Jul 20, 2003
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    best way for extrenal hard drives is to get a chip that supports the 'extender' type feature. Or you can get a switch to be able to swap between the two 5v and 12v powers for the hard drives. Then all you would need to do is find/or make an IDE cable with an extra device. Hook it all up and then when you have the switch one way it will boot to hard drive 1 and then to switch just shutdown and flip switch and then when you boot up it will boot to the second hard drive. This way you don't have to deal with bios settings.

    Also,the larger the hard drive the better chance of having troubled sectors at the end of the platter. Some bios's handle it better than others.....but I'm just saying that there's a chance that you'll get errors on files that are near the end of the disk. 200giggers are more than enough in my opinion.

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