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having problem with backing up a dvd - please help

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by dvdman101, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. dvdman101

    dvdman101 Regular member

    Mar 29, 2007
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    hi ,

    i have a 2 dvd set i bought from ebay which is a import dvd set , the dvd's are dvd-r 's , these were made from this guys personal footage colelction , i always make a backup to watch so i don't take a chance on damaging my original . i have always just made a ifo file thru dvd decrypter to make a copy or if i have to shrink i use dvd shrink . when i used dvd decrypter about half way thru it had read error and kept retrying with no sucess . then i tried to go thru shrink also with no sucess , it says invalid dvd structure , i think it may be the menu as these dvd's was made on a stand alone dvd recorder problay hooked to a vcr . does anybody know how to fix this . also i have heard that anydvd can fix a dvd if it has problems . any help appericated .
  2. iluvendo

    iluvendo Active member

    Oct 19, 2005
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    Hi, try dvdfabhddecrypter beta from www.dvdfab.com its free and may be better able to handle the disc. Also try another drive as different drives read discs to a diferent degree of success
  3. pacman33

    pacman33 Guest

    Here is what anydvd offers.

    here is a screen shot of my anydvd menu for the dvd tab.

    As you can see it allows you to remove little annoying features before you rip the dvd.
    If you select jump directly to movie, then it will make it so when you burn the dvd that is in, or rip it, it will remove the menu for you.
    It does this all the second that dvd is put into your drive.

    Pretty much makes it so your computer doesn't even read these parts of the dvd.
    And since it gives you the option to remove the region codes and css, and all that, you can just copy dvd to dvd without riping it to your harddrive.
    The only thing that stinks is that you cant rip with anydvd, you must rip with a different program.
    But since all protection is removed you are able to just copy and paste the files.
    Thats what i do.
    And its worked great for me every time.
    I can even re-burn the files onto a disk using Nero, or Clonedvd 2 (which is the one i use.)

    Hope I gave you a good view on how anydvd works.
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  4. Rotary

    Rotary Senior member

    Apr 10, 2003
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    2 things spring to mind here...

    1, if a guy made these just do an easy copy of a copy (as theres no protection in them) dont rip anything at all, could use copy and paste useing windows even...

    2, Doesnt standalone dvd recorders have the extra files of VR in them so yes ripping will cause an error, like dvd-+VR standard...

    whats folder names do you have on dvd - VIDEO_TS / AUDIO_TS and maybe a VR folder?

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