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HDMI to DVI cable worth it?

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by gear79, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. yamumma

    yamumma Regular member

    Nov 5, 2005
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    someone please tell how i can use my ASUS TV7134 WDM Video Capture with came with my comuter i tryed to make it work on windows movie maker by connecting a cable to my vcr because i want edit my movie but i am have big trouble??????!!
  2. survey77

    survey77 Guest

    did you upconvert the dvd player? I have a hdmi dvd player ..samsung 850 and a pioneer pdp 5060hd plasma and could tell the difference right away. You must set the dvd to play either 720p or 1080i to see the difference. and yes its that much different. As far as the cables go. Get some from ebay. you can find super high quality cables there for very inexpensive prices.

    Monster cable is a big ripoff. All the stuff they talk about is kinda like bose. They give you a sense of buying "value". Unless you have a dopplar radar station right next to your dvd player .. you do not need to spend a bazillion dollars on cables.
  3. skicourse

    skicourse Guest

    New to this site and hoping one or more of you out there can help me find a solution to my setup and cabling needs:
    I am getting ready to buy a Sony Cineza VPL HS51 projector to share the same room as a Sony 36" HD XBR400 crt I currently have in the corner. The projector is going to be mostly for HD programs and dvd movies.....and for football games. I am looking for a receiver that will be able to take the output from my comcast digital cable box (currently the motorola DCT6200 that allows component out/optical audio or can be dvi/optical audio out)(or I can upgrade it to a Motorola HD-DVR box that has hdmi output if needed), dvd player-with hdmi, vcr-rca cables?, xbox-on component cables and allow me to choose the output to go to either the HDMI fed Sony Cineza VPL HS51 projector or via component connection to my the Sony 36" at the push of a button. They will not need to both be on at the same time but if that was a second option that would be even better. Is anyone familiar with any models under $1500 that can accomplish this? Do any of these models allow this without having to go to an inferior output for the Sony tv or for the projector? I have been reviewing the specs on the Pioneer Elite VSX74TXVi and read the Sound and Vision review, it sounds like it might work. Any ideas?
    Another question....I am also in need of an 80"-92" pulldown or motorized screen for the projector....the room has a good amount of light that can get in during football games, is there a screen that is more forgiving in those light conditions that won't make the controlled light viewing alot worse? My budget for the screen is around the $1,000 mark but would like to pay much less. How about the GrayWolf by Panoview with a reported 1.8 gain? It's inexpensive...but maybe it's just cheap....
    Thanks in advance for your time,
  4. -Jim-

    -Jim- Member

    Feb 22, 2004
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    Just to complete my post on Page one here.

    I bit the bullet and bought a DVI=>HDMI Cable and saw zero difference compared to the component cable from the Motorolla Cable Box. I was skeptical it may be just me and my eyes (no I don't wear glasses), so I paraded my teenage sons and my wife by it individually, and switched the same channel between HDMI and Component Cabling and no one saw any difference. Still a Great Picture but no difference.

    The only change was when the TV detected the HDMI cable present it wouldn't let me resize any HD Channels - even when they were transmitting the more typical 4X3 screens. (Dam copyright crap I'd bet.) Even on component cables - as long as the HDMI Cable was plugged in - no re-sizing. If the Picture was noticably better I may have suffered with that. The Bottom line is the HDMI Cable is headed back to the Store!

    By the way Skicourse - I just assisted my folks in purchasing a new Toshiba 52HMX85 and the Motorolla HD-PVR Cable Box last week. They are getting on in years so cloning my set-up somewhat makes good sense from a support - telephone call point of view. Anyway I'd say stay away from DVI=>HDMI unless you want to waste some $$.
  5. gear79

    gear79 Guest

    how much did you pay for the cable and what video equip did you have it connected to (tv and such) ?
  6. survey77

    survey77 Guest

    well you had a hidef box ..and you used rgb cables for hidef. those arent cheap either for high quality ones. You can get great hdmi or dvi cables on ebay ..hell ill sell you some i import straight from china ... 15 bucks each for 1m cables gold plated.

    This issue here is that when the BLUE RAY technology is released to the public ..NONE of your cables you have now will be able to support the bandwidth needed for the HIDEF dvd's. ONLY DVI AND HDMI will be able to support this so far.

    True .. i dont agree with the copy protection bs they put along with it ...and if you are running dvi say into your tv reciever .. you still need a damn digital cable from the dvd player to the theater reciever to get sound in the surround sound which should be fixed.

    HDMI is one neat little cable ..much better than the big ass RGB cable dangling around.

    I do not htink that 15 bucks is too much for a cable.

    Again ..stay away from MONSTER CABLE ..seems yall are hypnotized that this is the only price you pay for cables ..they are total poop.

  7. skicourse

    skicourse Guest


    Do me a favor and review my post above Jim's and let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for a good source on the web or by phone.
  8. gear79

    gear79 Guest

    @ skicourse
    i have re-read your post again, but i am a bit confused. is your question about hooking up your set up or wanting to buy more equipment. from what i gather, you want to get set up, but i am just kind of confused. you threw in alot of weird info.
    i don't know much about projectors yet (have not done enough research, but it will be one of my next purchases here in the near future for my h/t room) but set up is all the same. as far as your screen, i can only suggest e-bay for now, however, i was in a site that showed you detailed info how to make your own and still have it functional. it looks like a picture frame when not in use and they even had a picture in front of it that pulled down over the screen when not in use..

    get me a few more ideas on what you want, i will do my best to help you out. i seem to have made a name for myself in the receiver forums now.......
  9. skicourse

    skicourse Guest


    Sorry for the confusion....The one item that I am going to add for sure is the Sony projector and a "pull down" screen (can be manual or motorized)(screen will be over a window when down and have to come up and out of the way when not in use so a fixed screen or painting hiding the screen will not work). The problem is my Marantz receiver (SR8000 from 5 years ago) will not take DVI or HDMI inputs and will not allow me to switch between the 36" set and the new projector that will live in the same room. It is for this reason that I am in need of a switching device or even a new receiver that will allow me to take all the inputs listed in the original post and send to either the CRT or the projector depending on which we want to use at that time. Since the projector will be 15-25ft from all the other gear, I thought an HDMI cable would be best and cleanest. Since the receiver only supports component video with optical audio, it looks like it might need replaced rather than adding a switching device to the system that will have to upconvert component to HDMI or DVI.
    Hope that I have clarified rather than muddied what I am trying to accomplish.

  10. gear79

    gear79 Guest

    ok, gotcha... so what are you willing to spend for a new receiver then? because there are several receivers now that do HDMI upconversions. my theory is however, i don't use the middle man. i run cables like that direct. i'd be leary of cables of great lenghts, due to sacraficing video quality. although HDMI is supposed to be the best right now, when blue ray comes out, they may make newer better cables, but at the data rate transfer they have now with HDMI, it's unlikely there will be better. plus, the newer stuff that comes out will have to change all over again. lets say you buy an HDMI cable and its length is over 30 feet, make sure its free of kinks and bends, same goes for optical cables. here's a tip, in case you don't know... seperate all you audio, video, and power cables to eliminate possible EMI....
    i have a Yamaha RX-V1500, it does not HDMI or DVI upconversion, but the next model does. But i run my HDMI cables direct..
    lets start with your budget, and we can go from there...
  11. skicourse

    skicourse Guest


    Put the budget in the 1st post ($1500 or less) and mentioned the Pioneer Elite model I had found that seems to fit the bill.....$1000 or less for the screen that need to be more forgiving when used in daylight situations.
    How do I keep those cables separate when they all are coming from components stacked or right next to them?
  12. gear79

    gear79 Guest

    @ Skicourse

    $1500 for a receiver will get you a high end model, but if you are 100% serious about avr equipment, then look for models in that price range. i on the other hand won't spend that much when i can get one just as good for half the price (in most home theater applications)
    i personally dont like pioneer's units. even their entry level txh certified unit looks and seems to cheap, and it sells for around 400 bucks.
    i dont like sony too much, had one, was not all that good for me. i have a yamaha rx-v1500 which seems to rock the house rather well, even in stereo..
    i'd suggest these, all have 7 channel, high current, and loads of options...
    http://www.harmankardon.com/product...=US&Language=ENG&cat=REC&prod=AVR 435&sType=C





    as far as your pull down screen, i am still researching for when i buy my own system, so i am no help there.... sorry.

    and your cable seperation, easy, just route powers cords together, audio & video cables together, and speaker wires together.... doing something as simple as using zip ties, pvc tubing, heck, even twist ties (ones that come with a loaf of bread) just seperate them if possible to reduce interfearence....

    the receivers i listed are examples, ranging from 700 bucks up to 1300 bucks..
  13. survey77

    survey77 Guest

    i dont know why the 3805 is suggested here. it is a discontinued model. If you go denon get the 3806. I sell/install denon, marantz, yamaha, harmon kardon. I am not so famaliar with onkyo. I have learned though that things sold at best buy/circuit city most often are not worth buying because they pressure the manufacturers for a higher profit margin = things made in china. Even marantz stuff is made in China now.

    The denon 3806 which has HDMI inputs is still made in malaysia which is where most all good receivers are made now. I would sell you one for 875 + freight. Tis is the model I currently use.

    Harmon Kardon receivers are over rated in my opinion. Again ..this model you will find at best buy also.

    In addition, there is a very intexpensive JVC direct drive totally digital receiver that puts out a whopping 150x7 which is in the neighborhood of $550. Being it is totally digital the power consumption is much less and it weights much less opening many unforseen options in custom installation.

    So ... if you purchased this jvc for instance ... lets say its 550 .. you already have allocated 550 more dollars for something else you hadnt planned on like 2 JBL s120II 400w rms studio 12' subwoofers. Or you could add that to whatever budget you have allocated for surround speakers or even mounts for the speakers.

    The only problem with the direct current digital amplifier is they hae not profected the crossover frequency points. If your speakers are high enough quality with good working crossovers ... it doesnt matter so much ..just the amplifier is pushing signals it doesnt need to incorrect channels.

    still .. my recomendation is the denon 5806 not the 5805. My cost on them is 875 and to help someone out id sell one for 875 plus freight. youd be more than tickled pink with this bad boy .. i promise.
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  14. gear79

    gear79 Guest

    @ survey 77
    welcome to afterdawn... i see you sell a/v equip, glad to have a salesperson on board.

    as skicourse mentioned, his budget for a receiver is $1500 or less, whats that unit you mention go for? (the 5806 & 5807)

    and to ask a question, i have a yamaha... thought their stuff was made in japan.... not malaysia ...

    to add more......... best buy does not carry harman kardon, only circuit city.

    i bought my RX-V 1500 from a high end audio store here, i did loads of research, and found for what i wanted to spend, this was my choice, not to mention a close out sale made the deal better !
    however, after 2 weeks of owning this unit, the DSP main board went bad, so i was given a new unit in exchange, because i would not accept a rebuilt/refurbished unit (they wanted to repair mine, but i declined the repair and demanded a NEW unit)

    so, now i have a question for you....
    if you get avr's at such a good rate, why is it that you do not own the flagship model of any unit, and just have the 3806 ?
    not to start an arguement, its just a question. because if i had such oppurtunity to sell (and test out personally) i'd have the very best.
  15. skicourse

    skicourse Guest


    In the beginning of your post you said "i dont know why the 3805 is suggested here. it is a discontinued model. If you go denon get the 3806." then in the last paragraph you said "still .. my recomendation is the denon 5806 not the 5805." I am assuming you meant 3806 since on the Denon website I could only find the 5805 not a 5806.....please clarify.

    As far as the Pioneer Elite goes, it appeared to have all the features I am looking for and more; with a street price around $1000 including shipping...that coupled with the Sound and Vision review, perked my interest. The new digital JVC would be great if it offered multi room capacity (this brings up a good question, at just $550 for the JVC; does someone make a device the would take the HDMI as an input from the JVC and let me switch between two outputs, one as an HDMI or DVI (for Cineza projector) and 1x Component Video(sony crt)? It would take up less shelf space and seems to have all the upconverting and inputs/outputs of the big boxes that have been brought up in this forum. You mentioned speakers, I have a Polk Audio 5 speaker system with 350 amp powered sub and am happy with them.
  16. survey77

    survey77 Guest

    yeah I am sorry ... i meant the 3806. I am not a big fan of bells and whistles. Being a custom installer 1 in about 500 people will actually shove out the cash ...even if i sell it 100 over cost for the top of the line unit.

    That being said i prefer to use the items i will most install. This way I KNOW EXACTLY what I am selling and how to explain to someone how to operate it. If I had all the best stuff then I would be biased towards the equipment most people could afford.

    I said i use a 3806 that doesnt mean i havent used the Marantz SR9600 or the Denon 5805 but that wouldnt be relevant in this thread. He gave a budget ..and if you studied how people use home theater ... you fit in that budget something more than they expect and then throw in an extra sub or 2 or better speakers ..whatnot and you have an overall HAPPY CUSTOMER.

    Now to your receiver inquiry ... it comes down to taste and of course your speaker selection ... then room characteristcs ... and then application. No 2 setups are the same in any different house.

    My theory on your home theater knowlege is probably novice to advanced which is great. The 3806 is a great value ... its very EZ to tune with an analog/digital SPL meter you can purchase at your local RADIO SHACK. Some of these 6 million channel receivers are so complicated even someone trained to install/calibrate them has a difficult time doing it ...

    I will post my prices to yall here on this thread ..that goes for anyone that has posted upto now. If ANYONE buys these from me you must PROMISE not to resell them as a profit.

    Since we already mentioned the Denon 3806 - 775
    Marantz SR8500 - 988
    Pioneer vSX1015 - 370 (whish is plenty good)

    then you can get into speakers ... I have exclusive JBL Synthesis speakers ..which no one can afford haha but everything else is more affordable
    PBL speakers
    Mirage Omnisat

    As far as the cables go ... if anyone wants to go in with me on my next OEM order straight from China and Taiwan let me know. I get real glass fiber optic Toslink ...1m is about 14-15 dollars plus freight ... super super hifi speaker cables bigger and better than anything Monster Cable could ever produce ..and I get it on Spools of 500' which is double shielded and then PVP insulated on top of that with OFC copper with 10gauge or 8 gauge wire inside.

    All the interconnects you can possibly think of.

    Again ..i dont sell equipment at much profit usually. I make money on installations. I get tired of people getting jacked or raped at BEST BUY or Circuit City or wherever. Best Buy is a generic name i use for mega-electronic stores.

    My advice is the Denon 3806 or that JVC RX-D702B which does have HDMI inputs.

    I do believe it will upconvert any video signal coming in to 1080i or 760p ..actually that goes for any receiver that has HDMI inputs.

    Basically you could have a stellar receiver and have shit for speakers and not be pleased with teh sound. Do some research on what speakers you want first ... then try to fit the receiver to that. Do not settle because in the end you will not be pleased.

    Receivers are pretty much standard sized ..give or take some poundage... speakers come in all shapes and sizes ... weights .. ect.

    Hope that helps.

    YOu are welcome to email me at marketing@importingspecialties.com if you wish ... or check out the website for the brands we carry/install

  17. gear79

    gear79 Guest

    @ survey77
    ok, let me start out buy saying this.

    firstly, i know you are new here, so i will go easy.
    you cant post your e-mail here or pimp your own web site, its against forum rules. im not here to bash you, just stating the facts. mods dont like it either, but this area is not as policed as others are. just go back and edit it out, thats all.

    secondly, i am the originator of this thread, and titled HDMI to DVI cable worth it?

    how it got this far into receivers, cables, and other info, i am not sure. not that i care, i am always looking to learn and learn i do on a daily basis.

    i really could care less how this thread goes, but there are several other areas where it would be more appropriate (but like i said, i don't care) some other members don't take lightly to a 'hi-jacked' thread.

    ok, now back to the subject at hand here. i see we are all more or less on at the same time.........

    i would consider myself to be in the semi-advanced section of H/T and setup. i have done all my own research, installs, and planning thus far, although input is always welcomed and so is constructive critisism. i frequent home theater forums to read, learn, and research all of my findings, personal equipment, and just to stay up to date.

    i learned the hard way when i bought my very first HTIB years back. it was a POS rca unit, very cheap and cheaply made. back then, i though i was bad a$$. then, along came my second unit, was a sony and a HTIB as well, yet another mistake with poor research, planning, being mis-informed, not to mention a rookie with impulse buying.
    then, i stepped it up a notch, took back the sony HTIB and used that money for yet another unresearched receiver by itself. well, it was then, i realized i need to do some research. 2 years later, i upgraded in class 3 fold, and spent triple the money too, but well worth it. sure, i may not have the most well eqiupped unit (yammy rx-v1500) but still a very good unit. i never liked ANY of yamaha's units because they just looked ugly, until i discovered the RX-V line.
    i bought it from these people (and i am not pimping their site, just using it as reference only) so you know that they are not a mom and pop shop.. http://www.bjorns.com/

    now as far as cables go........ i know for a fact, the mark up on these cables are extremely high. it costs these stores.... lets say circuit city and best buy, pennies for cables, and yet they in turn sell them for huge profits. i know, because my cousin works for circuit city and i have personally seen their cost and mark up margins. its unreal to know what they pay, and we as consumers can pay.

    anyway, i am tired, the turkey has gotten to me finally, its almost midnight here, i am off to bed. i just wanted to add my 2 cents worth and inform you of this site survey77, its not a knock straight to you, i just want you to know my opinions, the rules, how others can/may re-act, and again... welcome to AD.

    lastly........... what do you know about Fluance speakers???
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  18. survey77

    survey77 Guest

    i didnt mean any bad intention. I saw a dood that needed help with stuff. He obviously has 2 strong opinions to go by.

    I never was one to stay on topic in threads. I just follow where they go.

    I am not pimping my site. There is no pricing on there. Simply brands I can sell and authorized to install for full factory warranty. you notice i didnt put links to the manufacturers sites on here ..simply put justifying my case of helping people out no matter where and how.

    I see your original thread asking someone how much they made ....how long have they been selling ... how long did it take to build systems... and i didnt knock anyone with anything they have didnt have. I jsut warned to stay away from monster cable and get HDMI cables on ebay.

    This guy is fixin to make a HUGE investment for most folks. If you were in HIS shoes I am sure you would appreciate what YOU AND I are saying.


    I am not new here. i have another name in the DVDXCOPY forums that has been there for at least a year.

    you know as well as I do that selling things under what is agreed upon to get dealer contracts is against the rules and I could lose my license for doing it. Seems I am not breaking rules offering REAL HELP. Just like you are offering REAL HELP.

    Fluence speakers: reading about them a little in the past... they seem to be rather good for the price. I do know they are mass produced overseas as are most of the speakers of that calibur. I dont think i have seen a dealer with them. That doesnt mean anything though. Personally never using them I cant say they are bad and judging from what is said about them they are probably pretty good. I do not think they invest much in R&D but only build upon what has already been introduced. Again ..i could be wrong.
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  19. gear79

    gear79 Guest

    i only go by what i read, and if you are not new here, then you must know a few mods who are not as forgiving as others... hence posting an e-mail and link to a site who sells (namely yours)

    anyway, i dont want a war, i am not here for that.

    and my question to the user (whom i asked what he made and such) appeared to be bragging on the fact he has well over 200k$ worth of equipment. i have seen many guys like that in the home theater forums, and they all seem to get cornered and then are in reality, lying about what they say they have. you can catch them in a lie, or they just have no clue when you ask a question.

    and the speakers i mentioned........

    i was looking into the bi-polar surrounds..

    lets put this aside, and just help out. you will find, i am in here often, in multiple threads to, not just here. there are also a few other members in here with me that seem to help out alot.... Gerry, MovieDud, Sean, and a few others.
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  20. survey77

    survey77 Guest

    hi again ... i am not in here to sell stuff actually. Just seemed like the right thing to say. I was reading on google peoples various opinions of HDMI cables. I was also looking for the maxium length they could be ran because of a new home design I have come up with. Well I have learned 2 things really.

    1. The distance HDMI can be ran without repeaters

    2. My initial inquiry on google was what proprietary cable is used with the Pioneer model Plasmas ..the 60 series plasma media box because it seems one side of the dual cable is DVI and the other is a mini cen 36.

    skicourse... i thought about what you had asked about transferring ... I think maybe what you might need you could find at gefen cables.

    Find if they have what you need ..be aware though ...anything having to do with HDMI/DVI is very expensive. It might be cheaper to use an HDMI splitter and buy a 19" lcd monitor(same screen size as the 20" crt). I do know that HDMI splitters only work if both screens have the same native screen resolution. You could also use both of the monitor outputs on the receiver, but I do not know if it would upconvert on the digital video/rgb/svideo. Actually you cant get hd with svideo or the digital video cable. Maybe there is a receiver with 2 HDMI outputs? I will look into that. Thats a very good question.

    Fluance .. i looked at the speakers ... and read some about them ..the bipolar models. I would have to ask what is the rest of your speaker setup. Again, I havent used the fluance speakers before. I do know the JBL bipolar speakers http://www.jbl.com/home/products/product_detail.aspx?prod=E10&cat=NRE&ser=NRE work very well and would be in the price range of the fluance speakers. I am a fan of JBL obviously. The quality/price factor in the E series (northridge series) is very good and easily found. My favorite JBL series is the Performance line http://www.jbl.com/home/products/series.aspx?SerId=PER and obviously I do not pay retail for these sorts of items and this series is out of pricing for most people, but take about 35-50% off the retail pricing and you get an idea what they really cost.

    Anyway .. they dont have a ture bipolar speaker ..nor is the e10 a true bipolar ... but it performs like one due to the ports.

    summary... i think it really depends on your budget and what you already have for the system.

    If we were just getting surrounds ... because I am guessing these are/will be your rear surrounds on your existing 5.1 system making it 7.1 i would truly recommend the mirage omnisat v2 satellite speakers http://www.miragespeakers.com/omnisatv2_fs.shtml and use/purchase the speaker towers created for them ..then take out the spikes on the tower and mount them on the ceiling of your theater room with the speakers on the bottom. If you use this config ... i have found all othere people I have done this for find themselves slowly switching entirely to the omnisat v2 satellites for all the surround speakers. Each retails i think for 300 ..again my cost on these is 150. 300/pair is affordable i think.

    I found a website that has the discontinued orignal omnisats ... www.vanns.com that has them for sale at 149.99 with free shipping which are just as good from my understanding .. just look different.

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