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headphone amp

Discussion in 'Audio' started by rtrg, Apr 1, 2019.

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  1. rtrg

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    Oct 29, 2007
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    the headphone amp I bought suddenly died it was hard to hide behind the tv and used the tv usb power to charge the battery. it tuned out to be a mistake. instead I bought a small stereo amp based on the tda7297 chip. 15 watts x 2, all screw terminals. added a 1/8 jack to the speaker terminals, used a co ax female connector and a small power supply. the power is a wide range input of 3 to 18 volt, ac or dc. I used a splitter on the tv out to literally "hang" the amp to the tv using the input jack plus a shim to support it against the back of the set. single volume knob is pointed "up". I tried to mount it 90 degrees left using a 90 degree 1/8 male/female plus splitter. not as stable.

    I am planning making one or more using 1 LM386 chip stereo and 2 single LM386 chip modules. both are also screw terminals. stereo jack for one, mono jack for the others. the wattage is less. but both can be "hung" the same way or used free hand. the advantage to these is the weight. the module is much lighter than the aluminum box and much smaller. works for me. a simple solution. can be used with a computer as well. with a usb connector the computer usb could power it. very versatile.
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