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Discussion in 'Video playback problems' started by blackmutt, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. blackmutt

    blackmutt Guest

    Hi I have asked 3 times the same question and all I've gotten is wise ass remarks that I'm posting in the wrong forum. I just want to know how to watch the movie I have downloaded from BiTTorrent. It's broken up into a bunch of weird files named .R01, .R02, etc. through to .R51 and then an .sfv (simple file verification) which has the right checksum, so I know I got the whole file. Question is: which software do I need to convert all those into .avi, or .mpeg, or .divx or x-vid. Whichever one is best, I will do it. Can someone please answer straight? Thanks again. ~ Blackmutt
  2. colw

    colw Active member

    Apr 25, 2004
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    They are RAR files - open with WINRAR. Read guides available from guides tab at top of this page.
  3. blackmutt

    blackmutt Guest

    Ok I got that far. The problem is, I use PowerArchiver 9 Pro, which handles everything WinRAR does & more. Each of the three CD folders has three identical files which appear to be RAR, but only one is. The others are named differently. (I have my explorer set not to display known extensions, is this a bad idea?) archives, and then the little .r1-51 pieces scattered, and the sfv. I understand I only need to extract the three which appear to be RAR. When I used WinRAR to attempt this, I got messages that all the files were corrupted. When I uninstalled, rebooted, and attempted the same job using Power Archiver, everything happenened nicely and I got three sets of .bin/.cue files, each which I changed to .iso and extracted to the hard drive. I am watching Ocean's Twelve now, and the picture quality of SVCD is very nice. Why does WinRAR give me the corruption message, but not Power Archiver? Also, is there a way to combine the three .mpegs into one continuous file, so I don't need to be interrupted while watching? I plan to only store the file locally, and not waste time burning it, only because this is among my favorite alltime movies. I appreciate your help.

    Also, the last disc, I keep getting CRC error messages. I'm not certain the final 1/3 will play correctly. I previewed it using Nero Vision Express and it was chopped to hell. Does this mean BiTTorrent bit off the end of my movie? Is there a way to extract just what I have, or would that involve changing the sfv file somehow? I'm sure its just a few seconds off the closing credits that are missing, if anything. I appreciate your help. ~ Blackmutt

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