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Help! Backup SecuROM *new* V

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by UAE4ever, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. UAE4ever

    UAE4ever Member

    Jul 21, 2003
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    I Tried to make an image for "Delta Force Black Hawk Down" game.

    First I treid to do that with blindwrite 4.2, but it wont work in image or ether in cd. when I try to play games it only read it (image, cd) and then nathing happen.

    I think it is from BWA file and tried to make one and download from website but it all same doesn't work for me.

    SO I treid to do image from Alcohol 120%.
    I chose SecuROM *new* V 4.x for datatype and then I chose MDS,MDF file type and when I tried it, it work with me in image from alcohol 120% but when i brun it on cd it wont work and it happen like what happen when i made it from blindwrite but it still work only in image ,

    so how can I brun it?, if it wotk with me in image.

    Thank you
  2. Rotary

    Rotary Senior member

    Apr 10, 2003
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    get the latest blindwrite suite then get a bwa file from the net there better!

    then dump the image to disc with SUBCODES ticked read at 4x! burn at 8x

    you need to burn without the AUTHORISE THE USE OF ALTERNATIVE etc! thats for safedisc!

    the bwa file needs to be in the same folder as the dumped image!

    and write at DAO-PW only!

    and is your burner a 2 sheep model!

  3. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    Doesn't apply when backing up SecuROM cd protection good buddy! Your "drive(s)" must have the abilty to read sub-q channel data\audio although audio really isn't needed to make a successfull backup of SecuROM.

    Don't worry m8 as many struggle trying to get the "perfect" bwa (or mdf file) in order to get the backup to work.
    [bold] How to backup SecuROM 4.8.x using Alcohol 120% [/bold]

    1. Start by making an image of the play cd of the game you want to copy. The datatype setting to use is securom new (not securom new 4.x) for this purpose and the image must be saved in CloneCD format and not in alcohol’s native format. Reading speed doesn’t matter. Max speed will be fine. [Note: If the game has more than one cd, the only one that will be protected will be the one that has to be in the drive to play the game. The other cd/s can be copied by just using your favorite general burning software (Nero, burnatonce) without any special settings.

    2. Then either download a bwa file for the cd you want to copy or use blindwrite's bwa builder to make your own. If you're able to download a bwa file, then you can proceed straight to patching with Alcoholer 4x\TwinCreator. If not, well you'll just have to make one.

    3. Next make a bwa file (skip this step if you've downloaded one). To make a bwa file, you need to use blindwrite's bwa builder. There is no need for blindwrite itself to be on your system. You can install blindwrite, copy the bwa builder exe file to another folder (Desktop preferably)or on your hard drive and then uninstall blindwrite if you don't want it on your system. The patin-couffin layer necessary for the bwa builder to function won't be removed when blindwrite is uninstalled.] There are two ways to use the bwa builder to make a good bwa file

    a) Once you've put the play cd into your chosen reader, start the bwa builder. Select the reader, if you've got more than one, and speed. Low speeds (1x to 4x) usually work best but not always so experiment and see what works best for you and then click start. You'll then be asked if you want the program to set the last sector automatically. Either say yes if you want the bwa builder to analyze the whole cd or say No and set it yourself. If you say no, then you'll need to have previously set the max sector yourself - blackcheck has indicated that 50,000 is usually enough. The analysis will then start.

    When it's finished, ,the graph will show a fairly smooth curve with only one or two spikes and preferably none. Don't worry if you can't get the perfect spikeless curves as not everyone is going to be able to achieve his flawless results. If there are only one or two spikes the copy will still work ok, particularly if the spikes aren't in the first 50,000 sectors (the copy will probably be a little slower to verify than one made with a spikeless bwa file but it will still work). [Tip: Don't terminate the analysis just because a number of spikes appear on the graph while the analysis is proceeding. Wait until it's finished because most all of them will be eliminated by the bwa builder as it completes the process. If there's a lot of spikes in the graph, don't bother with it. It won't work. Try again and if you again get a bad graph try at a different speed or with a different reader. Once you get one that looks ok, click on file and then save BWA to save the file.

    b) If you can't get a good .bwa file just using the bwa builder, then you'll have to try to make one by converting an .mds file created by alcohol. To make an mds file with alcohol simply make an image of the play cd using securom new 4.x settings in mds/mdf format. When you're asked to select the measuring speed for the DPM function, again you'll probably get better results at low speed(1-4x). When it's finished making the image files, run the bwa builder and load the mds file by clicking on file and then load BWA/MDS. If the graph looks ok then create a .bwa file by clicking on File and then Convert MDS -> BWA. This will create a .bwa file in the same folder as your .mds file. You can then delete the mds/mdf files as they're no longer needed.

    4. Now it's time to patch the image files.Open Alcoholer 4.x and locate the Alcohol 120% tab folder and run TwinCreator and leave the default of 15 as it works fine for me. However, 6 and 50 are also known to work. Select the .ccd file and the .bwa file and then click start TwinCreator.Click select support image and locate the .ccd file now click select media-description and locate the bwa file and then click start. When it's finished, you'll have three new files in the same folder where you saved the original image files. Those files will be patched.ccd, patched.img and patched.sub.

    5. You've patched the image files and you're now ready to burn your back-up copy. Just start alcohol’s image burning wizard and burn patched.ccd using the securom new (not securom new 4.x) datatype setting. Because this type of copy is anything but standard,, you'll probably get better results if you burn at relatively low speed (say 8x). Before burning you'll be warned that the image size doesn't match the lead-out specified in the toc and you'll be given three burning options. The first option is correct: "Keep TOC as on source cd, write until end of image file".

    [bold]Tools you'll need: [/bold]
    Alcoholer 4.x http://www.alcoholer.com/

    Shoey :)

    Shoey :)_X_X_X_X_X_[small]Certified Computer Technician
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  4. UAE4ever

    UAE4ever Member

    Jul 21, 2003
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    yes it support read sub-q channel ets..

    I will try that out.


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