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Help!! Complete Newbie

Discussion in 'Other video questions' started by Scotia, Dec 8, 2001.

  1. Scotia

    Scotia Guest

    Hi there.
    I was wondering if anyone could please help me. I have just received my wedding video ( PAL ) from the company that filmed it, but I would like to convert it into VCD format.
    The problem is I have no idea what equipment I will require, or how do do it once I have the equipment.
    Could someone please post a Link to a guide or just plain info.
    Thanks very much in advance.

    p.s. The equipment I have at the moment is :-
    Video recorder/player ( PAL Format )
    AMD 600Mhz Proc.
    128Meg ram
    15 Gig 5200rpm Hard Drive
    Riva TNT2 graphics Card
    Lite-on CD Burner

    Thanks once again
  2. dRD

    dRD I hate titles Staff Member

    Jun 10, 1999
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    You need to have TV capture card on your machine because you need to transfer the data from analog format (PAL tape) to PC first. Then you just encode the video using TMPGEnc to MPEG-1 (although as we're speaking of pretty significant video here, I would suggest that you make two copies -- one for plain playback in VCD format and another one in better quality using SVCD which takes more space) and then you burn it using Easy CD Creator or Ahead Nero.
  3. Scotia

    Scotia Guest

    Thanks very much for the info dRD, it is greatly appreciated.

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