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HELP !! Creating Chapters NERO VISION 4 and menu pics is wacky and driving me nuts...

Discussion in 'Nero discussion' started by chazhaz, May 12, 2007.

  1. chazhaz

    chazhaz Member

    May 12, 2007
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    I've been burning video movie files using NERO, and i've wanted to get more sophisticated...with chapters and all. However, no matter what procedure, automatic detection or manual, I never get results, and in fact the software usual goes to ''not responding'' and must be shut down.
    when I choose auto detect chapters, it can sit there for hours and barely generate any real chapters with pictures etc, on the right side. When I manually try to start by sliding the bar , hitting play, and selecting chapter points, it never puts them on the right side with pictures or any indication that its working on it.

    also: when i put multiple video files in my project box and then select a layout, etc. why can't i adjust the text or add more lines to the text under the pics that come up in the menu. By the way, I usually can't get any menu pics to generate here either, just black boxes. When I have one item that requires more text , it then compensates by making all the text in all the boxes smaller. ?? Once in a while I can get a pic, or get one in the properties box with the slider screen selection thing.....but it doesn't end up on the menu when i'm done with that part. i get one pic on selection 4 and a bunch of black boxes with tiny little print. do i have to keep the text so short and without information? any way around this. what if you had multiple live segments of a band or something and wanted to put that info somewhere on the menu or as part of the selection or similar? can't be done?

    i'd settle to just have a fast way to make my own chapters for movies, or generate fastly done chapters auto or manual, and to have the pictures appear on the menu when I do individual video files.

    i hope i haven't confused too many out there, i've looked around a lot figuring this problem must be commonesque, but I've seem precious little about the chapter creation problems and menu picture problems that i've been dealing with.
    help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.
  2. attar

    attar Senior member

    Jun 17, 2005
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    I have also been through that hell with Nero chaptering - and gave up.
    You might want to consider this instead.

    And if you prefer freeware and don't mind some effort:

    Create Menu graphic Page (correct size pal/ntsc) with VCDMenu Lite
    VCD Menu lite

    Convert Menu Graphic to 'still' image and link to VOB's with DVD Author GUI
  3. sag2534

    sag2534 Guest

    use ConvertXtoDVD because not only does it make chapters, it won't have the audio sync problems nerovision seems to have.
  4. pstamer

    pstamer Guest

    My vote: Convertxtodvd. Even has video quality settings. Love it.

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