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Discussion in 'DVD players' started by tashaboo, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. tashaboo

    tashaboo Guest

    Q: My DVDs and CDs are freezing and skipping?
    A: Try doing a factory reset to clear any changes. In DVD mode, 1. Press the setup button. 2. Use the cursor button to select Rating, then press the enter button. 3. Use the cursor button to shift and select Factory Set, then press the enter button. 4. Use the cursor button to shift and select yes, then press enter button. 5. Turn off machine by pressing the power button on machine. 6. Wait 5 minutes and turn the machine back on. Also, clean the laser assembly while the unit is off. Find the laser eye located in the center compartment. You will have to remove the cover of the machine to locate the lens (2 screws on each side and 3-4 on the back). It is perfectly round, and made of glass with a bluish tint. To clean, lightly moisten a Q-Tip in rubbing alcohol, and gently swab just the glass lens, taking care not to soak it.

    i saw this in another thread heres the problem: i was playing with the settings on my durabrand sts98. i accidentally changed the input from cvbs to yuv... now i have sound but no picture threfore i cannot access the menu to change it back.. i also cannot access the menu to reset it PLEASE HELP ME . its my daughters birthday tomorrow and the kid is getting like 20 dvds.. she cant watch any unless i fix this please please helpme
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    Apr 11, 2004
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    It should tell you in the manual, how to reset to factory settings. It's usually in the troubleshooting area. If it's not there, contact Durabrand. They can tell you.

    Sometimes unplugging it for several hours, will reset electronics, to factory settings. Sometimes it doesn't.

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