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Help, got a problem with my computer (Things taking ages to load, and msn wont work)

Discussion in 'Windows - General discussion' started by Rampage, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Rampage

    Rampage Member

    Jun 11, 2013
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    Hey all, hope i am in the right part. For the past 2 days i have had a problem with my computer. When i open Internet Explorer it used to open more or less as soon as i clicked it. But for the past 2 days when i double click it, it takes like 12 seconds to open and everything freezes.

    Also since this problem started, it wont let me sign in to msn! It says ''Sorry, we are unable to sign you in to the MSN MESSENGER at this time. Please try again latter'' It then says to try doing the troubleshooter, which i do. It scans through some options and all get a tick next to them except hosts file.
  2. jony218

    jony218 Guest

    This only happens when you have spyware or adware in your system, internet explorer is very vulnerable to spyware. The bad news is that you will need to get spybot , adaware, spyware terminator (all free) to start scanning your computer and removing what you have. But from my on personal expierence you will never get rid of it all usually as soon as you reboot some of the spyware comes back, those require you to go into the registry and manually delete each entry one by one.
    My recommendation get rid of as much of the spyware as you can, then remove all shortcuts to internet explorer (this program can not be deleted, it is hardwired to windows that's why it slows down your computer). Get the following firefox 2.0 with the no script extension , dropmyrights , webroot spysweeper , zonealarm firewall , avg free antivirus , this is all I use and haven't had any spyware or virus problems in over a year. If you remove your spyware but keep using internet explorer your going to be attacked again no matter what defenses you have.
    When I got attacked, I was never able to get rid of all the spyware, finally I had to reformat the hard drive and reload windows. I just didn't trust my computer with any spyware floating around it.
  3. SEGA3

    SEGA3 Guest

    i must agree with jony 100% you shouldnt use the E firefox 2.0 is a great search engine and avg realy kicks ass when it comes to lookin for some virus/spyware and zone alarm well zone alarm is a real bad ass fire wall but is a bit to controlling for me and a very big ram eater tho i reccomend id say look for somethin els here if u only have little ram...oh one more thing incase you do stay away from porn sites this brings a higher risk of u getting a trojan and/or mass spyware. well hope that was of some help for you have fun getting everything

    p.s: if all els fails reformat tho not many like to ;-|

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