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Help how do i find out what carrier my iphone is?

Discussion in 'iPhone - Unlocking and hacking' started by blair99, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. blair99

    blair99 Member

    Sep 28, 2007
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    This is the second phone i have got off kijiji.!!! It was suppose to bean mts phone but i can't activate it how do i find out what carrier this phone is locked to? i downloaded a third party app and this is my phones information.
    • General
    o Description iPhone 4S 16GB white
    o iOS version 6.1.3
    o Name iPhone
    o Color white
    o Model number MD237
    o Region Canada
    o Network country Canada
    o Network 65535
    o Phone number N/A
    o Password protected No
    o Jailbreak No
    • Telephony
    o Phone number N/A
    o Network country Canada
    o Network 65535
    o ICCI N/A
    o IMEI 013180001523724
    o IMSI N/A
    • System
    o iOS version 6.1.3
    o Build version 10B329
    o Firmware version iBoot-1537.9.55
    o Baseband version 3.4.03
    • Activation
    o Activation state Unactivated
    o SIM status kCTSIMSupportSIMStatusNotInserted
    • Capacity
    o Total disk size 14.77 GB
    o Data partition total size 13.56 GB
    o Data partition free space 13.34 GB
    o Data partition available disk space (w/o reserve) 13.15 GB
    o Data partition reserved disk space 200 MB
    o Data partition apps used space 0 B
    o System partition free space 160 MB
    o System partition total size 1.21 GB
    • Battery
    o Current battery charge 53%
    o Battery charging Yes
    • iCloud
    o iCloud backup activated No
    o Last iCloud backup date N/A
    • Language
    o Keyboard N/A
    o Language en
    o Locale en_CA
    • Hardware
    o Product type iPhone4,1
    o Model N94AP
    o Serial number C8PJ9J1ZDTD1
    o CPU architecture armv7f
    o Mac address 84:fc:fe:d4:8d:95
    o Bluetooth address 84:fc:fe:d4:8d:a2
    o Baseband chip ID 5898465
    o Baseband gold certificate ID 2
    o Unique chip ID 2831793110410
    o Unique device ID d2af9891980701066252e14ffbe53bacf9248895
    o Production SOC Yes
    • Other
    o Time zone offset from UTC -18000
    o Time interval since 1970 1375321163
    o Time zone America/Chicago
    o 24 Hour clock No

    what the hell is Network 65535 ?????????

    can anyone help me please

    thanks blair
  2. gronimo18

    gronimo18 Regular member

    Apr 26, 2005
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    they should say in the top of the screen more then likely ur on rodgers if you have that service out there
  3. ddp

    ddp Moderator Staff Member

    Oct 15, 2004
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  4. hanoobal

    hanoobal Regular member

    Jun 22, 2011
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