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HELP! I forget how to use Nero...one little thing...

Discussion in 'Audio' started by eddieo45, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. eddieo45

    eddieo45 Guest

    I use Nero Express or Nero Burning ROM to make my CDs, and I'm pretty sure I used to be able to play the tracks, before burning, so that I could hear the transitions between songs. I've long forgotten how I did that, so I've just been going into Properties, and playing the beginning and ending of each individual track, making a fair guess at how they'll all line up. This has been fine, since most of my CDs are compilations of singles from different groups, and I'm just trying to to maximize the flow, minimize the fades. However, I'm now trying to 'splice' the beginning of a live song from one bootleg onto another bootleg that missed the beginning, and to just keep burning trial discs is painfull. Anyone know of what I speak?
  2. 0Nobody0

    0Nobody0 Guest

    Just do a search.....Freeware audio editing.....And voila.......
  3. eddieo45

    eddieo45 Guest

    voila what? 10 pages of various threads offering some questions and some info on OTHER apps, no Nero that I see.

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