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Help I have a coaster factory

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by Clemdogud, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. Clemdogud

    Clemdogud Guest

    Hello everyone!

    I've been a regular fan and recently joined so I appologize in advance if I get ignorant.

    I am have burning problems from evry direction and I need help. I think I have a good drive Plextor 716a and media Verbatim AZO +R's.

    I recently took some advice and I am now practicing with +RW's until I get my mojo. I first used DVD Cloner 2 and I am having a host of prblems. The first time I tried a D9 disk and it started to read the host DVD. Then I got a message that said "can't fit on one disk" So I'm thinking hey I have a d9 here what the heck?? Any way I replaced it with a regular Verbaitim DVD +R and tried to split the disk with no compression. It burns the first half but then I get no message to insert a second disk and the program stops? Now I tried to burn on a DVD +RW Sony and I click "fit on one disk" (compressed) It burned what I thought was the whole disk. I tested it out in my player....great quality but then 44 minutes in the disk just stops. What DVD Cloner 2 burns the quality is great but it just seems to only do a partial?

    Now sorry for the length of this thread but I figure I should get it all out instead of being constantly anoying. Next I used 1 Click DVD Copy. I downloaded the decrytor and everything. The decryptor works great! Now I went to burn and I get a message that says can't "?read access layer?" or something like that so with this I can't burn a thing. Then I tried DVD X Copy Platinum(yes I'm broke now) It has great features the disk was decryted and it read it fine. Then when it goes to burn it says "error? or something, check log file" So basically I really need some advice. I know everyone has success with Shrink and Nero but I was really looking for the "1 click" type solution. I mean DVD Cloner quality is awesome, it just wont finish the job. OK that's it don't hate me for my bable! Thanks
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  2. smw8888

    smw8888 Member

    Jan 7, 2005
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    Hey I have DVDCLONER2 also and havent had any problem with it. I know with cloner2 I do have to go and reselect my options everytime I get to burn a DVD.

    I think cloner2 and anydvd and clonedvd2 are very good pieces of software.
  3. Clemdogud

    Clemdogud Guest

    Have you ever used "split disk" on Cloner 2? if so shouldn't it prompt you for a second disk?

    Also have you burned a D9 with Cloner?

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