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HELP! I have an virus!

Discussion in 'Windows - Virus and spyware problems' started by novicebb, May 23, 2007.

  1. novicebb

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    Apr 21, 2005
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    Ok my girlfriend open several attachments in her hotmail email account on May 20th and placed over 73 critical objects on our computer (according to Ad-aware SE1.6). AVG Free Edition tried to remove a trojan horse from my computer the the trojan horse at that time already did it's damage. The trojan horse seemed to put the computer in a loop of some sort so every time AVG free edition would ask did I want to quaratine the trojan horse and I would click yes, it would just pop up again and again asking the same thing.

    So restarted my computer which it would boot normally until you get to the actual windows start page and then nothing would be displayed. None of my folders, programs or even the start menu would be displayed. Just my screen saver and the name of the computer(which is compaq).

    So I have no restore disk nor would the computer allowed me to go back to my restored state that I have on my virtual harddrive space allocated just for restore points, so I booted and loaded my computer with Windows 98 SE and then used an upgrade disk to Upgrade it to Windows XP Pro and then added the Service Pack 2 editions on using my SP2 disk.

    I was able to boot and everything seems fine except my harddrive available space says 1.86 gb remaining when my original state I had 40 GB remaining (I have an 80gb PATA harddrive). So I know that the old XP and all my other files and programs is still on the computer somewhere but how do I try to gain access to them or recover them and scan my entire harddrive to remove the trojan horse?

    Is there some type of recovery software where I can recover my desired files without also accessing the trojan horse or is their a program where I can completely wipe my entire harddrive and regain my entire 80 GB?

    I have used the windows search to try and find folders, programs and more but my computer is only recognizing the Boot sector of my harddrive. Any help guys?
  2. bluecoal

    bluecoal Guest

    Moderator ddp has posted a list of recovery software in this thread:


    I don't know if any of them would help in your case, or not. Perhaps he or someone else could make comments about that.

    If the drive was infected, it is possible that you will also recover the infection in the process of recovering your data. You have to decide how important your data is to you to determine whether you should try to recover or not.

    In terms of completely starting over, In windows 98 you would have started with repartioning the drive, setting primary partition, formatting and reinstalling os. I presume XP has a similar process. If you decide to go that route, you could make a post in a more appropriate forum, probably the windows software, and ask for help on that.

    You started with win98 on this reformat, that is a fat32 file structure, don't know if that has any bearing on whether you can or can't see your old files. If your current file structure is fat32 and your old stuff was ntfs, there is a program called ntfs dos you could google for and read about that might help you.

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