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Help!!!! i have nokia 7610

Discussion in 'Nokia - Unlocking' started by mowner, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. mowner

    mowner Guest

    ok i bought dis mobile from the syrian airport then got to europe im in Hungary now. i have purchased a tmobile line i put on the sim card i put the pincode and it works but not all th time after i open my phone after like 10 minutes it says Registration Failed and after that it says insert a new sim card
    i dont it has anything to do with locked??? do i have to unlock the mobile HELP = thank you very much !
  2. boki2002

    boki2002 Guest

    the reason why it says registration failed is because Tmobile have probably blocked your simcard. this is what happened to me after my contract ran out. the sim still work, i can access all my address book and messages that where saved on the sim, but there is no signal. when the phone searches for the signal it comes up with the message 'registation failed'.

    i think it is because Tmobile has blocked you or the country your in is not compatable with Tmobile, but i doubt that.

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