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Help me Please. Movie comes out in 4-5 different parts.

Discussion in 'Nero discussion' started by Chemmn, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. Chemmn

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    Jan 8, 2007
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    When I used DVDFab Decrypter and Shrink it using DVD Shrink. The movie comes out in 4 or 5 segments. When I try to burn it using Nero Vision, the movie is in 4 or 5 segments. How do I make it so that it is in one full movie and not in different segments? Help me pleaseeee. Thank you.
  2. laddyboy

    laddyboy Regular member

    Jan 4, 2005
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    DVD video normally consists of several video files with the extension VOB as well as a file with the IFO extension and another with the BUP extension. VOB files are usually around 1GB or so in size. This is a result of DVD standards/conventions.

    Your ripping program DVDFab Decrypter is only copying from the DVD the files that are contained therein. DVD Shrink is set by default to follow the DVD standards. This can be changed in DVD Shrink as follows:

    Edit > Preferences... > Output Files tab > uncheck "Split VOB files into 1 GB chunks (recommended"

    This should create a single VOB file. If you do the above, it's possible either the burning program will not burn the disk in that fashion (if at all) or the standalone DVD player will not play the burned disk.

    Some people do the above when their intention is to store the file on their hard disk for viewing and have no intention of actually burning a disk with a single VOB. This can also be accomplished by ripping the DVD as an ISO image file. The ISO can be mounted as a virtual DVD (treated as an actual DVD) with several software packages like Daemon Tools (free), Nero's ImageDrive, and Alcohol 120%. The VLC media player (free) can also play the ISO without it being mounted as a virtual DVD.

    Edit: text added below

    If you want to burn the output from DVD Shrink, your folder of video files on your hard disk:

    - select DVD-Video Files as what you want to burn from the Nero Express menu.
    - click the Add button
    - navigate to the folder containing the video files (vob, ifo, bup)
    - right click on the list of files and choose "Select All"
    - Click the Add button and then the Finished button.
    - set the write speed and provide a disk/volume label, and burn.

    You can also use the Build mode of ImgBurn (free) to create an ISO from the video file folder and then the Write mode to burn the created ISO to disk.

    You can also just create an ISO image file as the target output from DVD Shrink after clicking the Backup! button. This can be burned to disk with any burning program.

    DVD Shrink will also autoburn with Nero, DVD Decrypter (free) or ImgBurn (free).
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